How do I replace my car’s carpet with rubber?

My car came with all-weather floor mats, but they just aren’t doing the trick for my family. We do a lot of camping, even in winter, and the carpets take a serious beating. I’ve seen people with rubber instead of carpets, so how do I replace my car’s carpet with rubber?

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A bunch of us here at
are camping fanatics, so we totally get it! A car’s carpeting can get utterly destroyed, especially in nastier weather. So, let’s help you find and install a rubber flooring kit.
First off, you’ll need to buy a rubber flooring or all-weather flooring kit. Make sure you find one specific to the make, model, and year of your car. This is an involved process and can take some time, so be sure to set aside a big chunk of time for this project.
Here are the steps most cars will generally follow, but be sure to read the kit’s instructions:
  • Open all of the car’s doors before you begin and lay the new rubber kit in the sun, so it softens and gets easier to work with.
  • Remove kick panels by pulling up the restraints or removing clips.
  • Release the clips holding the rocker still plates.
  • Remove the front car seats by taking the bolts out along the seat tracks. The tracks and the seats will come out.
  • Starting in either front corner, carefully pull up the old carpet, rolling away from the dashboard and toward the backseat until the full carpet is out.
  • Follow the rubber floor kit’s instructions and arrange the rubber flooring.
  • Put the rubber into the car. It helps the lay it all out as it would be when it goes into the car, roll it toward the middle, and then unroll it in the car.
  • Press the rubber flooring into place and reassemble everything.
As you can see, this can be a challenging and time-consuming process, but it’s ultimately fairly easy to do as DIY car projects go. Still, you might consider having professionals install your rubber flooring instead if these steps sound too involved.
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