Which Tire Is Best for Your Needs? Pirelli vs. Goodyear

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Finding good
car tires
can improve your driving experience. The right ones save you money on gas and make your ride safer.
Two tire brands that consistently produce good tires are Pirelli and Goodyear.
Goodyear's tires got top ratings
, and Pirelli has become famous on the race track. 
If you need help choosing between the two, we’ve got you covered.
Goodyear and Pirelli both consistently produce reliable tires.

Pirelli vs. Goodyear company overview

According to
, Goodyear has been around for more than 110 years. They have invented many things for their tires, including Duraseal and ArmorGrip Technology. Duraseal helps seal tread punctures, and ArmorGrip uses Kevlar to make their tires extra durable.
Goodyear makes tires for everything from monster trucks to SUVs.
says that Pirelli, on the other hand, specializes in performance tires for luxury and race cars. They make tires for regular use too, but they are best known to motorsports fans.
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Pirelli vs. Goodyear products

The Pirelli tire company creates “families” of tires. Each family has a specialty and capability.
The P Zero family is all about performance. Scorpion is the family for off-road tires. You can also choose from Cinturaro, Sottozero, and Ice Family.
Pirelli’s tires are made to grip the road and handle power. They can stop faster than other brands as well.
Goodyear categorizes their tires more conventionally. They have winter, all-season, summer, off-road, and run-flat tires, among others. The sheer variety of Goodyear tire types means that it’s easy to find one you want.
Goodyear's top performance tire is the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. They also have low resistance tires for fuel savings, and their Wrangler tires are made for off-roading.
Goodyear has some great tires for driving your regular car in wet weather, but Pirelli's tires are better for driving a high-performance car in the rain. Their Scorpion Verde All-Season tires are particularly good for this.
If you’re looking for long-lasting tires, Goodyear makes Assurance MaxLife tires. Their tread is guaranteed to last 85,000 miles. However, Pirelli P4 All-Season tires have a life warranty of 90,000 miles.

Which tire is best for you?

One way of deciding if you want a Pirelli or a Goodyear is to look at the price, and Goodyear tires tend to be cheaper. Pirelli's cheapest tire is $84, while Goodyear's cheapest is $77.
Goodyear has three types of warranties. This includes the tread life warranty, a Highway Auto & Light Truck replacement warranty, and a 30-day return policy.
Pirelli also has three types of warranties. They have a tread life warranty, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and a limited warranty for defects on the tread or sidewall. The warranties have restrictions such as showing proof that you had your tires rotated on schedule.
The bigger consideration is whether you need tires for a high-performance vehicle. The extra money that a Pirelli tire will cost is worth it in that case. 
Otherwise, Pirelli and Goodyear tie for wet weather handling. Goodyear's off-roading tires are more popular, and they provide more options.
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