What to Do if Your Nissan Infotainment System Locks

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Jane Lu
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Car theft
is a prevalent issue, and in the past, since car radios were frequently stolen, automakers started to implement PIN protection. However, this led to issues when a car owner tried to replace the power supply for their car.
An owner of a 2009
Micra has had their radio and satellite navigation system locked ever since they replaced the car battery, according to the
. Here are more details about the issues that some Nissan owners are facing with their Micra models.
Car stereo thefts have been declining

What are the issues with older Nissan Micra cars?

The owner of the 2009 Nissan Micra reported their issue to the Guardian in hopes of getting help to unlock their car’s radio system. The car battery failed in December when they briefly pulled off to the side of a road. A friend of the owner jump-started the vehicle and the owner replaced the battery. The system has been locked for five months since then.
Replacing the battery triggered the anti-theft system in the car's radio and navigation system. When they entered the PIN to reactivate the systems, it didn't work. The owner bought their car in Worcester, and the dealer they purchased from is no longer in business. They were hesitant to visit other dealerships because of strict pandemic lockdown rules.
Nissan’s head office was unable to find the correct PIN for the owner. Finally, an automotive advice columnist for the Guardian who helps with consumer issues was able to set up the owner with Nissan headquarters.
Oftentimes, the glitch can be fixed remotely. In this case, the Nissan Micra needed to be hooked up directly to a computer at the dealership to override the anti-theft system. Nissan ended up covering the dealer's fee, and offered the owner a courtesy car.

Why were anti-theft infotainment systems necessary?

Car stereo thefts
used to be a huge issue for car owners. This crime peaked in the 1990s, according to
. Thieves would steal car stereos and resell them. Luckily, stereo thefts have dropped significantly over recent years.
Higher-quality factory sound systems are one of the biggest reasons why stereo thefts have declined. Companies realized they could charge more of their car if they installed factory radios. This made the radios "theftproof" since they didn’t usually fit into any other cars.
A PIN-protected car stereo, which the Nissan Micra owner had, is unusable if they’re disconnected from the power supply. Nowadays it’s hard for thieves to make a profit selling car stereo systems.

How to solve the issue if your infotainment system gets locked

Typically, entering the correct pin if your battery fails or is changed should unlock your car’s infotainment system. There is a thread on the
Nissan Micra forum
devoted to helping owners who have issues with their codes. If you can’t seem to unlock your radio system, you might have to contact your nearest dealer to try to get the issue resolved.
Having anti-theft devices installed in your car can give you a
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