These Ugly SUVs Missed the Mark

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Regardless of
car brand
, every carmaker has produced a few ugly cars that they wish could be erased from memory. Even other celebrated carmakers have had a few models roll off the assembly line that raised eyebrows, and not in a good way. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some of the ugliest SUVs from recent memory. 
Take a look at some of the worst-designed SUVs out there.

What makes the Lincoln MKT such an ugly SUV?

The Lincoln MKT is the only modern SUV to make our list. While out of production now, it had a decent production run lasting from 2010-2019. What makes it an ugly SUV is that it kind of looks like a hearse, especially if painted black. 
The luxury car does have a decent interior and offers three rows of seating. Its exterior is really where it became an eyesore. The car looks bloated, with a large body that seems to overhang the chassis. Just looking at the MKT reminds me that I need to start exercising more. 
While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sales numbers are not. The Lincoln MKT never became a commercial success, and in 2018 only 3,000 were sold, per
Car and Driver
. Most of those sales were for fleets of hired-car services.
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Lamborghini LM002

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Including the Lamborghini LM002 on this list will certainly be divisive. It is an SUV that would easily fit in any action movie. Even the vehicle's name sounds like a character from a James Bond Movie. The car received probably one of the coolest nicknames, the "Rambo Lambo." 
The LM002 was originally designed for military use, but eventually, civilian models were made for the public. You could consider it the Italian Hummer. The aesthetic criticism of the LM002 is that it is too boxy with unnecessary angles. 
The car is pure ‘80s machoism with a touch of brutalism. Regardless of one's opinion on looks, it is hard to argue against the LM002's performance. It carried a beefy 3.5 L V-12 engine that produces 444 hp. 
It is incredibly powerful, even for being over 30 years old. It would have no problem leaving a Range Rover in the dust. The ugliest thing about this car was its price. You could expect to fork over $100,000 for a Rambo Lambo, and that's before adjusting for inflation. 

The ugliest SUV: Suzuki X-90

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Even for us car nerds, we have a hard time explaining what exactly the Suzuki X-90 is. It looks like the unholy offspring of a Miata and a Wrangler. It's even hard calling the X-90 an ugly SUV, as it only has two seats and a convertible top. However, Suzuki would brand it as an SUV given its high lift off the ground. 
While it would make for a cute concept car at auto shows, somehow the X-90 made it into actual production. The car never had impressive sales in the US and was only in production from 1995-1997. 
The X-90 is great if you want to attract a lot of attention. This is why it became heavily used by Red Bull for promotional events. For everyday drivers, it is the epitome of bubbly 90s cars. 
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