Tesla Releases Huge Software Update with Disney+ and More

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In this new car era that lauds hybrid and electric vehicles, technology updates are necessary for a company to stay competitive.
Tesla in particular releases many software updates, but most of them aren’t newsworthy. But look! The 2021.24 Tesla update is here, and it looks like their fleet is upping in value.
A Tesla logo seen on the front of a white car
Tesla is constantly updating its cars with cooler tech.

Disney+ is now available in your Tesla

Tesla is a big household name. So is Disney. This integration makes a lot of sense, even if you might not have seen it coming.
According to Electrek, the most notable update is probably Tesla’s addition of Disney+ to their in-car streaming service, the Tesla Theater app.
Prior to this update, Tesla Theater already had Netflix and YouTube, which are two of the most popular video streaming platforms.
Of course, for Tesla fans who are not Disney fans, this might not be the most exciting news. Fortunately, there are many other software updates on the way too.

Tesla’s new car wash mode makes a lot of sense

Car washes are great and sometimes necessary for car maintenance.
This update brings a super convenient ‘Car Wash Mode’! With just a few finger taps, the Tesla will disable all windshield wipers, lock the charge port, and more.
It also includes a safe Free Roll option in case you’re prepping the Tesla for an automatic car wash with a conveyor belt.

Mirror auto-dim

Teslas previously had permanently auto-dimming mirrors, which was frustrating for owners who didn’t like that.
The highly requested feature of being able to disable this feature if you want now exists.

Dashcam improvements

You used to have to press a particular icon if you wanted to record anything with your Tesla dashcam.
Now, Teslas have the option of recording automatically when they detect a "safety event" (like an accident or airbag deployment).
This function makes so much sense and we’re glad it’s here. As you can imagine, if your airbag is deployed or there’s an accident, it’s not very convenient to manually activate a dashcam.

Stay connected to Wi-Fi while driving

If you've ever wanted to use your hotspots for connectivity, rejoice!
Teslas can now use hotspots while driving. All you have to do is enable _Remain Connected in Drive _in the Wi-Fi settings.

Range display and language choices

You can now switch between battery percentage and distance units by simply tapping the range display. This is not a groundbreaking update, but comfort and preference options are always nice and add up in the long run.
Hungarian, Romanian, and Russian have also been added as language options.

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