Tennessee Woman Kidnapped Over Car Title

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
The car market is in a rough spot right now, both new and old. It’s easy to imagine the frustration if someone buys a car without receiving a
car title
But getting kidnapped with a slew of violent threats? That’s a nightmare scenario for anybody.
A woman in
was allegedly kidnapped and terrorized over a car sale.
How did a car title lead to a woman being kidnapped in Tennessee?

Car sale gone wrong in Tennessee

revealed that the unnamed victim recently sold a car to a Dyersburg couple.
The car was sold without a car title, which posed an obvious problem: the couple could not prove ownership of the vehicle they had just bought.
Naturally, the couple wanted to talk about the missing car title. The victim agreed to meet, but at the rendezvous point, she was quickly forced into the car.
The victim was threatened with a terrifying selection of weapons: brass knuckles, a machete, a crowbar, and a hammer.
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Escaping violent kidnappers

The kidnappers brought the victim to the Economy Inn in Dyersburg. Held at knifepoint and tied up, the victim suffered painful beatings. She was told if she tried to escape, she would be stabbed.
All to search for the car title, the victim was forced to go with them to Missouri while zip-tied in the backseat. When they came back to Tennessee, she was beaten repeatedly again.
Fortunately, the victim managed to escape when they got back to the inn, but what a haunting ordeal.
The victim was treated for multiple facial injuries, bruised ribs, and head lacerations. It will likely take a long time for her to recover.
True Crime Daily
has some good news for the case. Dyersburg police have arrested one of the alleged kidnappers on charges of aggravated kidnapping.
However, police are still looking for the other suspect, who faces charges of aggravated kidnapping and assault.

How to sell a car safely

This is one of the best times to sell a used car because of the white-hot prices.
Statistically, it’s incredibly unlikely to experience the horror story of selling a car on Craigslist and having it go terribly wrong.
Still, it’s smart to stay cautious and employ preventative measures. There are ways to reduce the risks.
Car sales, especially to strangers, can result in car theft, abductions, or worse. That’s why people tend to be more wary about private-party car sales.
Preventative measures include:
  • Vet callers as thoroughly as possible: ask lots of questions!
  • Do not meet up alone
  • Meet in a public place
  • Empty the car of any valuables
It’s also a good idea to snap a photo of any potential buyer’s driver’s license, and share info of the whole transaction with a trusted friend or family member.
At the end of the day, trust your gut and don’t take unnecessary risks.
If you feel like someone is acting suspicious, or even if they’re being overly nice and eager to buy your car? It might be wise to skip this buyer and go on to the next one.

How to get good car insurance

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