You Should Stick to Speed Limits Even on a Race Track

Devon Hays
· 3 min read
Understandably, sometimes you might want to test out your car's speed potential. However,
is one of the most common
causes of accidents
. If you’re caught speeding on public roads, you can be hit with hefty fines and increased costs for
car insurance
This is why race tracks are great for drivers. Open track days allow drivers to test how fast their cars can go in a safer, controlled environment. Even on a track though, you should be careful and watch your speed.
Race tracks let you test your vehicle speed more safely | Twenty20

Toyota GR Yaris involved in race track crash

As reported in
The Drive
, a driver in a
GR Yaris had a terrifying crash on a track day in Estonia. The driver took a corner of the track too quickly, and their overcorrection led to a loss of control. The car rolled over multiple times before coming to a stop.
Thankfully, the driver of the GR Yaris was able to walk away from the accident, but this demonstrates the dangers of speeding on a track. If you decide to take part in a track day, it’s important to drive at appropriate speeds for the track, and you should also be aware of what to do if you witness a crash.
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What should you do if you see an accident on a race track?

Because of the high speeds on tracks, there is always a risk of an accident. In the case of the GR Yaris crash, another driver immediately pulled over to help. While this is a natural reaction for many, it is typically advised against on race tracks.
Another stopped car on the track could make the situation more dangerous for other drivers. Because of this, it is generally track policy for drivers to drive to the pits and let track marshals take care of the crash. This helps keep everyone on the track safer; including the crash victim.
You should make sure that you know the safety rules for your track. If you’re not on a track and see an accident, it’s always a good idea to call 911. You should assume that no one else has already called. This will ensure that help arrives quickly.

Toyota demonstrates impressive vehicle safety features

As to be expected in the GR Yaris crash, the car was left twisted and
. That sort of result following a high-speed wreck is unsurprising. However, the fact that the driver of the vehicle was unharmed showcases the reliability of the safety equipment on the Toyota race car.
While Toyota's cars have gained a positive reputation for performance, fuel efficiency, and other innovations, their safety has been their most acclaimed trait. The GR Yaris crash shows just how important it is to watch your speed, even if you're driving on a race track. It might be fun to see how powerful your car can be, but speeding can be costly and dangerous.
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