How Much Are the Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Worth?

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
​​You know
car brands
have made it big when they start getting their own miniature models. The most popular miniature car model brand is probably Hot Wheels, a line of best-selling toy cars introduced over 50 years ago. Following the success of the toys, Hot Wheels got
multiple animated series
incarnations and its own clothing line.
Throughout that time, Hot Wheels has made several interesting little diecast replicas. Would you believe that some of these models could sell for five-digit prices? Here are some of the rarest and most valuable Hot Wheels toys, according to
Have you ever wondered how expensive Hot Wheels cars can get?

What's rare about this Hot Wheels Funny Car?

Legend has it that just 144 Funny Cars were issued with the white 271 logo and a blue backing card. Collectors have only seen 20 of them offered for sale over the past 26 years. Only 288 were made in the first place, and more than a third were taken apart to be used for another series.
A select few Collector Number 271 Funny Cars were even autographed by Michael Collins, a famous Hot Wheels designer. If you can find one mint, it sells for $3,500. Some lucky toy store employees and Toy Fair attendees got these cars for free!
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How much is the Ed Shaver Custom AMX worth?

This is a U.K. exclusive and the model usually gets bought for $4,000. This car was never widely available for purchase, with most of them available through a cereal box top campaign. A few other recipients of these cars won them from racetracks where the actual Ed Shaver raced.
Shaver was a legendary motorsports driver in the U.K., and Mattel even sponsored his real-life blue Custom
AMX muscle car
. Unlike other Blue Custom AMX toys, this one came with an exclusive sticker decal sheet with Ed Shaver's number. The included backing card is also highly prized by collectors, but it seldom ever appears on the used market.

Who made this Rodger Dodger so famous?

In 1974, Hot Wheels released the Rodger Dodger with a deep purple color accented by flames. One day, a Hot Wheels toy guide author discovered some blue Rodger Dodgers that he received from his friend from overseas. 
That author would acquire six more Dodgers from his pal, selling them off to fellow States buyers. The 1974 Blue Rodger Dodger is thought to be another U.K. exclusive, but it has tragically faded into obscurity. The last one with a backing card intact reportedly sold for $6,000.

Why is this Mad Maverick so rare?

Very few have even seen this car in person, so it's one of the most valuable among collectors. If this car looks familiar, that's because Hot Wheels changed its name shortly after its release to Mighty Maverick. However, some still exist with the original name.
The rarest example is a silver, unpainted toy. To date, it's unknown if any online listings have surfaced for a used one.

Ready to hit the waves with the Volkswagen Beach Bomb?

You'll have to pay big bucks for the 1969 Pink Rear-Loading VW Beach Bomb, which last sold for $72,000. That's reportedly the only one in circulation today since it was a failed prototype. However, we do know that some of these
toy cars
were still given out to Mattel employees' children.
This little toy couldn't fit on the Hot Wheels Super Charger, so it had to be revised. While the new model still had the surfboards, only this pink prototype features the open rear window.
If you had Hot Wheels as a kid, it might be worth scouring your old collections for some of these. It'll either make for a treasured keepsake or a jackpot for eBay!
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