The Most Common Reason for Deadly Car Crashes Is Easily Avoidable

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Driving too fast is the most common reason for fatal car crashes among drivers and motorcycle operators. Not only is speeding dangerous, but it can
increase the cost of car insurance
. In short, the risks of speeding are potentially fatal.
According to the
Insurance Information Institute
(III), in 2018 over 16% of drivers involved in fatal crashes were speeding. This is 6% more than the next most common behavior for deadly car crashes, which is driving under the influence.
Why is speeding so dangerous and how can you develop better driving habits that will protect you from harm and
save money

Why is speeding so dangerous and costly?

The data provided by
III shows that raising state speed limits has led to the loss of 37,000 lives from 1993 to 2017. As speed increases the time for drivers to react decreases. Simply put, at higher speeds more damage is caused to both the car and driver.
Higher speeds cancel out safety mechanisms like airbags. A car crash between two people driving at 56 mph could result in severe brain and neck injuries. Although vehicles are seeing improvements to their design and safety, it’s far more practical for you to focus on prevention.
In some states driving tickets lead to points against your driving record that could stay on your record for up to 10 years. Speeding is dangerous and if you are caught speeding it can significantly raise the cost of your insurance.
If you have multiple speeding tickets, depending on the state, there could be a 25 to 50% increase for insurance costs. The higher the risk you carry as a driver, the higher the cost of insurance. However, your risk factor for car crashes can be easily reduced if you develop safe driving habits.
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How to develop safe driving habits

Even if you’re an experienced driver, there might be bad driving habits you’d like to correct. As a new driver, you might be unfamiliar with hazards on the road. In either case, a refresher course on defensive driving can remind you of things to look out for so you can stay safe.
In general, driving safer can be as simple as not being in such a hurry. Driving becomes such an ingrained habit, it is easy to forget just how dangerous it can be. Next time you get behind the wheel, try to remember that the most important thing is that you get to your destination safely.
Speed limits are there for a reason and there are few things important enough to risk your life over. Habits take time to learn, but it’s important to develop safe driving behaviors. Deadly car crashes can be easily avoided if you stay alert and stick to speed limits.

Safe driving helps you save on car insurance

The most important reason to drive safely is that it will help prevent dangerous crashes. Safe driving will also save you money on car insurance. There are many discounts available for being a safe driver and not having a long history of insurance claims/speeding tickets will always mean lower rates.
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