A Higher Offering of Luxury and Speed: The McLaren P1 and the Speedtail

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
McLaren established a solid niche in the
manufacturing sector by producing some of the most powerful and speedy hypercars. Its product portfolio includes
luxury cars
like the McLaren 540C, 570S, 570S Spider, and the 600LT.
But it's impressive how the Woking, UK-based automaker continues to blow its high-end consumer base with
upgraded luxury supercars
. The automotive bigwig epitomizes the
hypercar segment
with unrivaled engine performance, incredible power, and futuristic tech features.
The McLaren Speedtail

The Mclaren P1 vs. Speedtail: McLaren's unmatched luxury sports cars

Following its release in 2014, the P1 emerged as McLaren's top luxurious supercar. Six years later, the 2020 McLaren Speedtail came and took over as the brand's flagship model. Despite their differences, the two vehicles still get the accolades as some of the most expensive, ultra-luxurious sports cars, and for the right reasons. 
While both cars boast being hybrid models, the McLaren P1 packs a powerful 3.8L V8 twin-turbo engine, which powers the 12C and 650S. With its bigger turbochargers, the engine cranks out an impressive 903 hp and 723 lb ft of torque—enough to push the car from 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. If you choose to drive it solely with the electric motor, you can run for about six or so miles. 
According to
Car and Driver
, the McLaren Speedtail takes engine performance a notch higher. A 4.0L V8 coupled with an electric motor to deliver a stump-pulling 1035 hp and 848 lb-ft of torque. Activate the Velocity mode and active dynamics, and you can enjoy an even higher performance level. 
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The interior comfort of the Mclaren P1 vs. Speedtail

Open its double cushioned, power dihedral doors, and you'll access the Speedtail's refined interior. It assumes a similar interior design as the McLaren FI with its three-seat layout. The driver's all-leather seat lies at the center of the cockpit. 
Owners have an easy time operating the car's features. You only have to access the controls above the head to ignite the engine and open the power-operated doors. The dashboard and the passenger seats feature a similar finish, made from high-quality Scandinavian leather. In place of sun visors, McLaren added a sleek strip of electro-chromatic glass to offer enhanced protection from sun rays.
Enter the P1 and experience its all-carbon "Mono Cage.” Although it feels a bit small, it's easy to get comfy, also noted on
Car and Driver
. P1 owners can add the optional lightweight carpeting to reduce the textured feel and interior noise when rolling on the electric motor. 
However, when the V8 engine combines with the electric-powered motor at full throttle, you can't miss the P1 as it rides with a deep growl that overpowers any unpleasant noise around. It's a showstopper! It’s a performance that's only fit for the high-spirited, high-end driver.

Performance and speed difference between the Mclaren P1 and the Speedtail

You'll be lucky to drive the limited-edition McLaren Speedtail or P1. Both were designed for a chosen few, but admired by all. Priced at $866,000, only 375 P1 were rolled out, while the Speedtail is only available in 106 models.
On the flip side, the McLaren Speedtail is available at a whopping price of $2.1 million, a cost that matches its modern convenience. Instead of having the commonplace exterior mirrors, it features a pair of HD digital cameras that silently slide out when you start the car. 
If you were to buy one, it would be best to dent your account and invest in the McLaren Speedtail. McLaren confirms that the sliding digital cameras are more aerodynamic and offer extended sightlines. The feed is displayed on two screens, each located on either side of the instrument cluster. 
Still, the P1 comes hot on the Speedtail's heels, with 903 hp and 723 lb-ft of torque, and you can drive it at 34 mpg and cruise in it the entire day without feeling fatigued or breaking your back. Besides, you can opt for its zero-emission electric-only mode when driving on city streets. 

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