Grundy Classic Car Insurance: Is It Right for You?

Andrew Koole
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Classic car coverage
might differ from regular
car insurance
in many ways, but both policy types have at least one thing in common: buyers have a bunch of providers to choose from.
For collectors and classic car owners, the pool is much more shallow, but the decision needs to be made all the same. Among the industry leaders are Hagerty, American Modern, and Grundy
Grundy doesn’t enjoy the same brand recognition as Hagerty, but for people within the car enthusiast community, it’s often the coverage of choice.
will give you a short summary of the company and how its policies compare to competitors in the article below.
Insuring your classic car is a must.

What is Grundy Insurance?

James A. Grundy founded Grundy Insurance in 1947. That same year, he invented Agreed Value Insurance which went on to take over collector car coverage. Agreed Value Insurance takes modifications and restorations into account when determining rates. 
Mr. Grundy also came up with the concept of attaching liability coverage to the driver instead of the cars, since no one can drive more than one car at a time. The adjustment allows people to own multiple vehicles without having to buy liability coverage for each one separately.
Besides collector cars,
Safe Smart Living
says Grundy Insurance also offers Agreed Value Insurance for regular-use vehicles, as well as coverage for distinctive homes, classic boats, and other collectibles that appreciate over time. 
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How does Grundy classic car insurance compare to competing providers?

Grundy might be the O.G. insurer of car collections in the U.S., but a few newer companies have joined the game since, and they’ve given Grundy a run for its money.
The company’s strongest competitor is Hagerty. Besides offering insurance for collectible vehicles, Hagerty also publishes a magazine and offers an online valuation index for classics of all shapes and sizes.
Both companies offer policies based on an agreed value, with no mileage limits as long as the vehicle isn’t your daily driver. Prices vary based on the vehicle in question, but many say that Grundy is often the cheaper option, while Hagerty offers a wider array of add-ons.
Grundy also requires you to park in a secure, locked location, even on road trips—something Hagerty doesn’t demand from policyholders.

Finding the classic car insurance that’s right for you

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Every car collector—and every car collection—is different, and so their insurance needs naturally differ as well. To find the best option for your classic car(s), you need to compare quotes from as many providers as possible and pay attention to the fine print in each policy.
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