Is the Fully Loaded 2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel Worth the Massive Price Tag?

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Pickup trucks
offer a lot of options these days. Known for outselling their car and SUV siblings, trucks have changed from being strictly for work to managing all transportation tasks. And automakers equip them for multiple roles by providing the features and gadgets to support them.
But every add-on makes a pickup more and more expensive. Take the Ram 1500 for example: the base price for the 2020 model sat below $30,000 while
tested a fully-loaded
Limited trim
with a shocking price of over $75,000.
So are all the options worth the cost? While appetites change from driver to driver, Motor1 suggests the answer is "no."
The fully loaded 2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel offers quite a bit of luxury.

What features for the 2020 Ram 1500 cost the most?

A base model 2020 Ram 1500 is no joke. Many of the features that give Ram a leg up against its rivals come standard in every model. The easy-riding suspension and hybrid powertrain are just two examples.
But that doesn’t mean the cost-increasing items are all fluff. The option that spiked the price of Motor1’s test model the most was the diesel engine, a common choice for super duty models but one that’s relatively new to the half-ton class. It pushed the truck’s price up by $5,000.
Other fixings, like the $4,000 black appearance package or the luxury-level features included in the ironically named "Limited" trim, don’t really affect the pickup’s performance but offer a certain amount of pizzazz that will make heads turn on the job site or in the parking lot.
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How does a fully loaded Ram compare to similar selections from rival brands?

After Ram began offering a diesel engine in the 1500 in 2014, Chevy and Ford followed suit with their half-tons, only a lower price. While Ram’s diesel option hit the $5,000 mark, Chevy’s stayed below $4,000 and Ford’s cost only $3,000.
All three automakers also offer luxurious upholstery and tech features in the higher trim levels of their half-tons, but with differing results. Motor1 complained about the materials used in the Chevy Silverado’s cabin, even for the top trim High Country model. Ford’s 2020 F-150 got good reviews for its interior options, though its comfort level didn’t match the Ram 1500.
Interestingly enough, the F-150’s top trim starts at nearly $15,000 more than that of the Ram and Silverado, according to
Car and Driver
’s numbers. The difference? Opting for an F-150 Limited gives you everything you want, right off the bat. Full opulence in a Ram 1500 requires you to continue spending money.

The cost of owning a fully loaded pickup truck

The price tags on top-trim half-tons can get astonishingly high, especially after factoring in that they can’t offer the same capabilities as super duty models. But the cost of owning a pickup truck isn’t all bad news.
Despite higher than average
car insurance
and fuel costs, pickup trucks tend to hold onto their value better than other vehicle types. And according to
Kelley Blue Book
, once you drive off the dealership lot, value depreciation is the most expensive aspect of owning any vehicle.
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