Which EV brands Offer the Best Free Charging Deals?

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
Electric vehicles
(EVs) are poised to take over the automotive industry. With the success of Tesla, other major manufacturers have taken notice and are adopting EVs as part of their lineup. Some manufacturers, like Volkswagen, are on track to offer EVs exclusively in the near future. One pain point for those interested in EVs is that there simply aren't enough charging stations. 
Many manufacturers are working to soothe the concerns of consumers by making charging stations more readily available; some even provide charging perks. Here are the brands that offer free charging, according to
The lack of charging stations is a major pain point for potential EV customers.

Brands that are offering free EV charging

Tesla has positioned itself as the leading name in electric vehicles. However, other brands are hoping to surpass them. Volkswagen now offers three years of free EV charging on the Electrify America network at no additional cost with the purchase of the new ID.4. 
According to
, "the Electrify America network has more than 500 DC fast-charging stations with more than 2,200 individual DC fast chargers nationwide, including 150 stations in California alone.”
Ford's electric offering, the Mach-E, will receive 250 kWh of complimentary charging (approximately three to five full charges) through FordPass Rewards with Electrify America.
Hyundai has also partnered with Electrify America to provide 250 kWh of complimentary charging for customers who purchase a new Kona or Ioniq EV. Nissan has been including a $250 credit for EVgo fast-charging with Leaf purchases.
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Which brands don’t offer free charging?

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Jaguar, Kia, Mini, and Rivian are all brands that don’t offer free public charging for their electric models at this point. The leader in EVs, Tesla, no longer offers free Supercharging as a bonus in 2021. If you’re looking to buy an affordable EV, you might want to take this into consideration.
If you’re having trouble finding charging stations in general, you may soon be able to use the ever-expanding Supercharger network which will require an adapter for non-Tesla models. According to
Motor Authority
, Tesla has opened 10 of its Supercharger stations in the Netherlands to electric vehicles from other brands as part of a pilot program. 
If the program is successful, Tesla will use the revenue to expand the network and make charging stations more accessible to everyone. 

The government is offering incentives to go green

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President Joe Biden has put forth legislation that would provide $7.5 billion for EV infrastructure, which includes adding charging stations. The idea is to get as many car manufacturers on board so that by 2030 half of the vehicles in the U.S. will be electric. 
The bill is receiving pushback from the United Auto Workers Union because it would affect the sales of new gas-powered vehicles, which make up the largest share of vehicles manufactured in the U.S. 
EVs are the future of the automotive industry. The change is coming hard and fast, with some car manufacturers ready to make the change and others resisting. In the end, the consumer is going to make the ultimate decision about whether the change is going to happen slowly or quickly. When the final hurdle to the question of where to fill up is answered, the shift to EVs will likely ramp up.
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