Data on the Most Stolen Car Reveals Ways To Prevent Auto Theft

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
In 2019, the most stolen vehicle was a full-size
pickup. Older models don’t have the anti-theft technology that new cars do so a lot of older vehicles get stolen. If your car is stolen, it can be incredibly frustrating. To make things worse, car theft can rack up your
costs for car insurance
2020 marks an end to the two-year decrease of vehicle thefts according to reports from the
Insurance Information Institute
(III). What makes a vehicle easy to steal and how can you prevent car theft?

What makes a car easy to steal?

Based on data reported by the III, over 38,000 Ford pickup trucks were stolen in 2019. The Honda Civic is not far behind at around 33,000 stolen vehicles.
Comparing the number of 1998 Civic models that were stolen to 2017 ones, it’s clear that older models are more likely to be stolen. The 1998 models have outdated technology that makes it an easy target for car theft.
III also gives information on the holidays that have a lot of thefts, so be sure to check that your car is secure whenever you’re celebrating. Other factors like the pandemic, economic downfalls, and limitations on public safety resources were also said to be reasons for increased vehicle theft.
The easier it is for a thief to steal your car, the higher the risk of your car getting stolen. It might seem obvious, but you don’t want to relax your guard and have your car stolen unexpectedly. If it is stolen, report it immediately. This will increase your chances of getting the car back.
You can take simple precautions to make sure your car is safe from theft.
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How to prevent your car from being stolen

National Insurance Crime Bureau
(NICB) suggests using a "layered approach" to protect your vehicle. There are basic things to be aware of that will help prevent theft, but you can also put in devices that make your car harder to steal.
The more you plan ahead, the harder it is for someone to steal your vehicle. The first step is to always use common sense. This means simple things like locking your car, closing your windows completely, and remembering to take your keys with you.
Other options that might come at a cost include alarm systems, brake locks, or smart keys. If you’re really worried about theft, you can get a tracking system like a
telematics device
to monitor your vehicle and its location.

Ways to cover the costs of a stolen vehicle

Comprehensive coverage
can cover the costs of replacing your entire vehicle or parts that are stolen. It can take you by surprise when a vehicle is stolen and it can be hard to keep calm in the moment. That’s why you might want to plan ahead in case these things happen.
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