Coolest LEGO Car Sets You Can Get

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Ru Chen
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
From McLarens to James Bond Aston Martins, LEGO has some amazing car sets with intricate, realistic designs. It’s like
buying a collectible car
, except it’s cheaper and you can build it yourself. Here are the top sets that are great
gifts for LEGO enthusiasts and fans of specific car models. 
LEGO car sets come in all shapes and sizes.

LEGO car sets are cool and realistic

LEGO creates some of the coolest collectible toy cars out there. From supercars to old classics, many models have been immortalized in LEGO form.
Some of these toy cars are grand and quite pricey, whereas others are cheap and great for kids.
Car and Driver
notes that there are three major types of vehicular LEGO: 
  • Technic
  • Creator Expert
  • Speed Champions
The Technic line has incredibly intricate and realistic vehicles, like McLarens and Jeeps. They can vary a bit in build complexity depending on which vehicle you want.
The Creator Expert sets are strikingly accurate. They are generally not as complex to build as the Technic line, but they are still strikingly accurate car recreations.
Finally, the Speed Champions line has numerous race car models. These sets typically come with mini LEGO race car drivers. They’re adorable and simple to build.

Best collectible LEGO toy cars

Technic McLaren Senna GTR—$50 for 830
This $1.2 million dollar McLaren only has 75 real life vehicles going around—definitely too exclusive for most people.
This LEGO Technic McLaren Senna is a sharp-looking, cool replica of the real McLaren. A great gift for everyone in the world (minus the 75 lucky people who have a real model).
Technic Bugatti Chiron—$329 for 3599 pieces
This vehicle is seriously expensive in real life and in LEGO. But it looks so, so good.
At 3599 pieces, this Bugatti has a working suspension, gearbox, and a highly detailed engine. It’s an ultra-exclusive and luxurious collectible.
Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS—$830 for 2704 pieces
Yes. You read that right. This model costs around a thousand bucks. You could probably buy a cheap, real used car for that price.
Then again, this Porsche does have a shiftable transmission, working steering, and a functional suspension. Vroom vroom.
Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO—$20 for 298 pieces
Did you get price whiplash? Compared to some of the other LEGO cars, this Nissan is so cheap.
While it’s a great, accurate replica, it’s also very affordable.
Creator Expert MINI Cooper—$319 for 1077 pieces
This LEGO MINI Cooper is quite adorable. Green, blocky, and detailed with checkered patterns, it’s a sweet set of plastic bricks on wheels.
It even comes with a toy picnic set that fits in the trunk.
Creator Expert Fiat 500—$35 at 960 pieces
This yellow retro Fiat has a replica two-cylinder engine, decorative luggage rack, and a working convertible top.
It even comes with a miniature painting of the car in front of Rome’s Coliseum. That’s such a unique addition. 

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