This Classic Car Stole the Show in a New Musical

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
Back to the Future isn’t the first
to be adapted into a musical. It isn’t the first musical to feature a car onstage. But it’s probably the first musical with a DeLorean in the center of its plot.
classic car
made a big splash when it appeared in the original film in 1985. A year before, the automaker’s founder was acquitted after being accused of selling cocaine to keep his failing business afloat.
But what might’ve been a shameless grasp for attention at first has now become one of the most memorable aspects of the time-traveling tale, and the musical version is no exception. According to a
New York Times
review, the modified DMC-12 outshines every actor, song, and dance.
The DeLorean is the unsung hero of ‘Back to the Future’.

What’s so special about the DeLorean in 'Back to the Future: The Musical'?

It took a long time to turn Back to the Future into a musical. The idea originally came to the wife of Bob Gale, one of the story’s original writers, back in 2004. But it didn’t premiere in London until February 2020.
Many aspects of producing the show took longer than expected, including developing the prop-version of the car. Over a whole year, the show’s production team focused on
building a car
that could give the impression of movement and satisfy the movie’s "massive, pedantic" fanbase.
To make sure they got it right, the Times says they contacted Steven Wickendon, a superfan of the film who owns his own replica of Doc Brown’s invention. Every detail had to be perfect, from the "time machine" modifications made to the hatchback to the brand of the
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What other musicals feature classic cars?

Many musicals like to harken back to old times, drawing on nostalgia to get people in seats. And nothing creates a vintage atmosphere better than a classic car.
Grease is probably the musical people most associate with cars. If its name doesn’t give it away, the "Grease Lightning" song and dance, complete with
auto shop
set and hot rod props, will hold the attention of any car-lover.
Another musical with an automotive name is Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Originally released by Disney as a film, the story revolving around a
flying car
has been adapted many times for the stage.
One musical theatre-geek might not know that includes a car is Ragtime, which
News Wheel
says features Henry Ford as a character, along with his invention, the Model T.

Owning a classic car like the DeLorean

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