Flying Cars Are No Longer Just a Fantasy

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Andrew Koole
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 3 min read
Flying cars
have been a key element in science fiction for years. Using visual effects and animation, they’ve appeared in mainstream media and
like The Jetsons and Back to the Future. It’s become such a trope in the genre for so long, that it’s surprising these vehicles aren’t yet a reality.
But if you’ve ever said or thought to yourself, "Where’s my flying car?" good news has arrived. On June 30, a prototype flying car completed its first-ever test flight between airports in Slovakia.
Although still in its testing phase, as its inventor claims, the AirCar could point to a "new era of dual transportation vehicles."
You might see a flying car sometime soon

How was the AirCar tested?

Stefan Klein, the inventor of the AirCar Prototype 1, equipped the car with a 160 horsepower
engine, a fixed propeller, and a ballistic parachute. The AirCar has gone through 40 hours of test flights, flown at 8,200 feet, and reached 118 miles per hour. After these tests, the vehicle conducted its first airport-to-airport flight, according to
CBS News
The test flight lasted 35 minutes, and the AirCar was flown by Klein himself. After a successful landing, in under three minutes, he turned the aircraft into a sports car with the click of a button.
Klein isn’t the only entrepreneur trying to make flying cars a reality. CBS News reported that Hyundai and General Motors are both hoping to develop their own car-aircraft hybrids. A Hyundai spokesperson said they expect the technology to be available around the world within the next decade.

New technology coming to the auto industry

How we get around is expected to change a lot in the next ten years. The transition from
gas to electric
is already underway. Self-driving technology has made a lot of progress, and many people expect it to change the nature of car ownership.
Even car insurance has seen major innovation in the last few years as companies adopt telematics to develop usage-based coverage policies. All these shifts can be exciting, but when it comes to promises for the future, you might want to take them with a grain of salt.
New products take time to build and companies often run into unexpected issues. According to
, Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasted that fully autonomous cars would be on the road by 2018. However, the vehicles still need extensive testing and improved self-driving programs.

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