Chevy Spark vs. Mitsubishi Mirage: Both Aren’t Too Great Small City Cars

Hannah DeWitt
· 4 min read
If you live in a larger city, having a small car is a good way to make parking and tight roadways less stressful. However, if you are leaning toward the 2021
Spark or the 2021
Mirage, you might want to reconsider.
Both cars are below average in quality and reliability and their sales performance speaks to this. According to
, both Chevy and Mitsubishi have seen declines in monthly sales averages for the Spark and the Mirage, respectively. But don’t fret, there are other great small car options to help you live out your city dreams.
The Mitsubishi Mirage and Chevy Spark have seen declining sales.

The Mitsubishi Mirage and Chevy Spark face declining sales

Both models have low sales numbers so far for 2021. The Chevy Spark has sold 23,008 units this year, and the Mitsubishi Spark sold just 18,591 units.
Chevy’s year-to-date sales have only taken a slight dip compared to its numbers from last year, though Chevy was surely hoping to see a rise. Mitsubishi’s Mirage, though, saw an increase in sales since the previous year. However, the Spark has still sold more vehicles overall for both years.
The Mirage’s sales increase may be surprising, as their average monthly sales have gone down 16.68% compared to last year. The Spark’s monthly average has taken a steep plummet, going down by 55.25% in 2021.
Both cars’ low sales numbers are no coincidence, though.
Consumer Reports
, a website that rates consumer goods, gave each car quality ratings under 50 points in their 100-point scoring system.
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Which car is better?

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Neither model is rated well by Consumer Reports, but there is a clear winner between the two. The Spark was rated 45 out of 100, while the Mirage was only given 32 out of 100.
The Spark received a three out of five in both predicted reliability and customer satisfaction, and a 47 out of 100 on its road test. Though those numbers are less than stunning, the Mirage’s scores were lower. 
The Mitsubishi got a three out of five in predicted reliability, two out of five in predicted customer satisfaction, and a measly 29 out of 100 on its road test.
According to CR, the Mirage has great fuel economy with 37 mpg combined, but the praises end there. The car’s handling is imprecise and wonky, and its cabin is cheaply made and cramped. The trunk is quite small, and the seats themselves are hard and uncomfortable.
The Spark also has good fuel economy, getting 33 mpg combined. Its handling abilities are a bit better than the Mirage but it can be overly responsive and turn too quickly. As such, the Spark won’t be the easiest to maneuver.
The Spark has limited seating with only two back seats, but CR reported that they still feel narrow and small. The seats are rated as less comfortable than the Mirage’s, but the Spark’s interior finishes and overall quality are rated higher.

What are the benefits of a smaller car?

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Don’t let these stats steer you away from a small car, though. Due to their small size and weight, small cars are often more fuel efficient. It also makes them more maneuverable, and they’ll usually cost less too.
According to
U.S. News and World Report
, cars like the Nissan Versa and the Honda Civic are great affordable alternatives. The 2021 Versa starts at just $14,980 and gets 32 mpg combined, while the 2021 Civic starts at $21,250 with 32 mpg combined.
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