Car and Driver Named Its Pick for Electric Vehicle of the Year

Isabel Armiento
· 4 min read
Not everyone is enthusiastic about the
electric vehicle
(EV) boom, for a variety of reasons: skeptics may be concerned about EVs' inferior range, slow charging time, high prices, and impractical designs, among other variables.
looking for an electric model comparable to the gas-powered cars they know and love, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is your best bet.
Car and Driver
named this model its 2021 "Best EV of the Year," promising that it could convert even the most EV hesitant drivers with its "familiar shape and size," "price that competes with gas-powered alternatives," and "design that gets noticed."
Moreover, with the newly implemented nationwide
charging network
created by Electrify America, driving your Mach-E cross-country won’t be quite so burdensome.
The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E.

What makes this electric vehicle stand out?

According to Car and Driver, the Mach-E is an EV top pick not only for its lack of gas emissions, but also because it’s fun to drive. As opposed to other EVs, whose desirability hinges entirely on the fact that they’re better for the environment, driving the Mach-E doesn’t feel like a chore—in fact, it’s enjoyable.
This model is a multi-headed beast: yes, it’s well-suited for environmentally-conscious drivers, much like other EVs, but it’s far more versatile than that.
The Mach-E will also appeal to drivers looking for a practical, family-friendly vehicle, with plenty of cargo and passenger space, as well as to straight-up car lovers, looking for a smooth ride with plenty of soul. The model offers a dynamic, even exciting, driving experience and promises a future where EVs aren’t just about climate justice, but also about cool new tech.
Car and Driver wrote, "For new EV converts, piloting a Mach-E isn’t so different from driving a gas-burning SUV that it feels foreign, yet the experience is futuristic enough to be exciting. It’s the right car to bring drivers along during this watershed moment as EVs transition from niche alternatives to new normal."
The all-wheel drive Mach-E boasts 346 horsepower and can get up to 60 mph over 4.9 seconds. It’s a great model for city driving, blending practicality and pleasure with its "swift pace" and sharp, 25-mph corners.
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Why should I choose this electric vehicle over a comparable gas-powered model?

Aside from the obvious
environmental factor
, the Ford Mustang Mach-E offers numerous advantages over gas-powered alternatives.
First of all, the Mach-E solves many common EV gripes, with a smoothed-out, tamed engine sound. Car and Driver speculates that "Ford has come the closest of any automaker to figuring out what an EV should sound like." The model also comes with plushy, comfortable seats and plenty of legroom.
The Mach-E is also comparable in price to its gas-powered counterparts, starting at $43,995, only a few thousand dollars more than your average new car price. The all-wheel drive version starts at $56,400.
Car and Driver writes, "It’s the perfect vehicle to rewrite preconceptions that were formed when the vast majority of EVs were too small, too slow, too expensive to buy yet too cheap to live with and hobbled by too-short range and too-spotty public infrastructure that wouldn’t allow them to venture far past home." The Mach-E defies these expectations, while offering an extra kick that will delight EV diehards and gas-powered fans alike.

Which other electric models is it comparable to?

While the Ford Mustang Mach-E is in a league of its own, it clearly took some design inspiration from Tesla—including the door handles, center display, and panoramic fixed-glass roof. The Mach-E’s cabin design is different from a Tesla’s, however, adding some new, interesting design elements. The Mach-E also boasts a much larger touch-screen than comparable Tesla models, such as the Model Y.
Moreover, only the Model S, Tesla’s longest-range model, can cover more ground than the Mach-E, which has a range of 270 miles. The Model S is also the EV with the
largest battery
, so it’s no surprise that it has a superior range—but the Mach-E certainly comes close.
Car and Driver confirms that this EV isn’t merely reminiscent of Tesla—it also "competes head-to-head with Tesla on design, performance, price, and range." So, if you’re looking to buy an EV but are worried about
the price
or don’t want to sacrifice driving experience or range, look no further: the Ford Mustang Mach-E is the car for you.

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