Can You Marry Your Car? (No, Not Really)

Jane Lu
· 4 min read
We all know that one person who’s really into their car. More than just
brand loyalty
, it seems like they would marry their car if they could; they might have even literally told you this. 
You might know the story of the man who claimed to have an intimate relationship with his car. He was featured on a show in 2012. So, is it actually possible to marry your car?
You might love your car a lot, but you can’t marry it.

A man who truly loved his car

How often have we said that we love our car? Most people would probably admit that there was a time they were head over heels for the vehicle they drove. 
But, we learned almost a decade ago in an episode of My Strange Addiction, that one man took that love to a whole other level. The show told the story of Nathaniel, who put his money down on a red vehicle that he nicknamed Chase, according to
The 27-year-old (at the time) loved his car so much that he considered himself to be in a relationship with it. He was often seen kissing and caressing it as many couples do, but in his case, it was more one-sided, obviously. 
Nathaniel's roommate back then found the situation to be pretty weird and shocking. The show showcased a disorder called Objectophilia, which is when a person has romantic feelings for inanimate objects. 
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Other people have tried to marry inanimate objects

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As strange as it might sound, that wasn’t the only time someone claimed to be attracted to an inanimate object. The oldest case goes back to 1979 when Eija Riitta Berliner-Mauer married the Berlin Wall. 
It's not uncommon for people to fall in love with a building/landmark instead of an everyday object. One example of this is a woman from San Diego, who married the Santa Fe train station in 2017. 
In 2007, another woman fell in love with and ultimately married the Eiffel tower, taking “Eiffel” as her last name. Objectophilia goes beyond structures, however. 
Amanda Liberty is the perfect example of this. She fell in love with her favorite chandelier, called Lumiere. Before this, she demonstrated her commitment to the Statue of Liberty by changing her surname to Liberty.
Not long ago, another woman participated in a marriage ceremony to her Golden Retriever. Her previously failed engagements with other men contributed to her desire to wed her dog. The list of inanimate objects that people have married or sought to marry is long.
While marrying their car might legitimize the relationship in the person's eyes, it's not likely to legalize the union. There are no strict laws, however, prohibiting marriage between a person and an object, according to
You could marry your car in a casual affair, but you're not likely to get a licensed official to perform the ceremony or to get legal papers to authenticate it. 
There is one offense that could lead to prison time, and that's bestiality, which is having intimate relations with an animal. Most countries consider it an illegal act if you're caught doing it. 

While you can't marry your car, you can commit to keeping it protected

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