Can You Guess Which Car Has Had the Longest Production Run?

Carlos Kirby
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Automotive production runs can be strange and surprising. Some cars, like the Chevy Suburban, disappear without warning, but others stay in production for decades and decades. Which cars have had the longest production runs, though? If you want to find a
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of some models, you can choose from decades of different model years. 
According to
Motoring Research
, these are the four vehicles that have the longest production runs. Some of them are impressively still being produced today.
Models like the Toyota Land cruiser have been on the roads for 70 years!

Longest production runs: Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota vehicles are known for lasting long, but it turns out that some of Toyota's production runs are long too. The longest-running Toyota on the roads is the Land Cruiser, which has a production run of 70 years. It started production in 1951, and new Land Cruisers are still being produced today!
The earliest Toyota Land Cruiser models were made to help in the Korean War. A few years later, in 1955, the Land Cruiser was released for consumers around the world.
Toyota's iconic Land Cruiser has stayed consistently relevant because of how well reliable it is. Land Cruisers are known for their ability to handle different and difficult road conditions.
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Volkswagen Transporter 

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The Volkswagen Transporter first hit the road 71 years ago, and it has been a prominent van ever since. In 1949, the first generation of the Transporter was released, and this generation became a cultural icon.
This iconic version of the Transporter is more commonly known as the Bus. VW Buses became some of the most iconic vehicles of the 1960s. However, modern Transporters are just as relevant, but for different reasons.
Today, the Transporter lives on as a successful commercial van. 

Longest production runs: Ford F-Series

For 74 years, Ford has produced their iconic F-Series trucks. For decades, it has not only been the top-selling pickup in the United States but the top-selling vehicle overall. Ford sells more than a million F-Series trucks each year, and this shows no signs of stopping soon.
Technological innovation is important to the development of the F-Series. The
all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning
is a highly-anticipated truck set to release soon. 

Chevrolet Suburban

The Chevy Suburban has earned the title of the longest production run of any vehicle, as it has been in production for 83 years. It was introduced as an eight-passenger station wagon unique for having a metal body. Today, the Suburban continues its legacy as a practical SUV, and it is renowned for being luxurious without having a luxury price.
Interestingly, if someone wanted, they could argue that the Suburban has not had one continuous production run. While the Chevy Suburban was first introduced in 1934, it took a break in production from 1942 to 1946. 
This break was not because the Suburban was unpopular, though. Instead, World War II affected vehicle production. Naturally, a civilian vehicle like the Suburban was not a priority during this time.

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