Camaro vs. Mustang: Two Classic Muscle Cars

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Genevieve Fraser
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Camaro or Mustang: which of these iconic
car brands
is your favorite? These classic muscle cars have been competing with each other for so long, they both made the list of the
five most popular cars from the '90s
. Now, that's some true four-wheeled rivalry!
They each have their pros, cons, and legions of passionate fans, so let's see what makes the 2021 versions of these legendary vehicles remarkably similar yet still very different.
One of the greatest rivalries in American muscle car history is between the Chevy Camaro and the Ford Mustang.

What the Camaro and Mustang have in common

has done a lot of Camaro versus Mustang comparisons over the years. Thirty-two, to be exact! That gives them the depth of knowledge needed to do an expert comparison of the pros and cons of the two brands.
Both brands hit it out of the park for 2021 with their turbo-four engines in your choice of V-8 and supercharged V-8 options. They're both American-made sports cars with the power and speed you'd expect with that kind of lineage.
Neither one of these cars offers much in the way of rear legroom. Your back seat passengers might just have to be willing to put up with a slightly cramped experience for the privilege of riding in one of these icons.

How do these two classic muscle cars differ?

The Mustang Shelby GT500 offers the best performance of either brand—760 hp worth, to be exact. However, compared to the standard version of the Mustang, the Chevy delivers a stellar experience on the road. Steering, braking, and overall performance are far superior to the Ford.
While the Mustang sticks to V8 engines exclusively, the Camaro offers a very respectable V-6 option and six-speed manual transmissions on all trims.
When it comes to looks, however, the Mustang's front is a bit more elegant than its rival's. MotorTrend notes that the Camaro looks like something that belongs in a Transformers movie. 
Perhaps this is unfair, as yellow Camaro Bumblebee, Sam Witwicky’s trusty Autobot, was one of the film series’ main characters. Naturally the Camaro will conjure up comparison, and this isn’t necessarily a bag thing.
As far as space and comfort go, back seat passengers will definitely appreciate the added shoulder and headroom in the Mustang, especially with the minimal legroom available. The Mustang also leads the Camaro in trunk size (13.5 vs. 9.1 cubic feet). Accessibility is better too, even with the Mustang Convertible’s roof down. Good luck trying to get into the Camaro Convertible's trunk with the top down!

What could the future look like for this decades-long rivalry?

This look at the pair is poignant amidst speculation that a
2024 special edition of the Camaro
may signal the death of an icon.
Some might say that the push towards electric cars, coupled with skyrocketing gas prices, may spell the end for even more of these gas-guzzling, tire-squealing, American-made vehicular treasures. However, Ford has shown that it can keep up, having already produced an electrified version of the Mustang, the Mach-E, in a bid to join the world of electric sports cars.
Fortunately, there are enough muscle car enthusiasts and classic car collectors around to ensure that neither the Camaro nor the classic Mustang will fade from memory anytime soon! There are even special
insurance policies to protect classic cars
like these.
On average, these policies probably aren't as expensive as you'd expect, either, since classics tend to spend more time in the garage or basking in their owner's driveway than they do on the road. This lowers the risk of an accident, which also lowers your premium. Of course, the higher the appraised value of the classic, the higher the premium is likely to be.
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