Best Time To Buy an RV: Is There Really a Sweet Spot?

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
Are you thinking of
buying an RV
? If you are, you're not alone! RV ownership has surged during the pandemic as people have looked for safer ways to travel and explore the outdoors. 
Unfortunately, RV and
car buying
have become more expensive as demand has increased at the same time as inventory has decreased.
Before you invest in an RV, ask yourself what type of RV you want, how you're planning on using it.

When is the best time to buy an RV?

According to
RV Talk
, timing is everything. They recommend six occasions when you can snag a great deal on an RV.
RV shows offer the chance to explore many different models to
find the right RV for you
. If you wait until the end of the show, you can also score a pretty sweet deal on an RV. As long as somebody doesn't beat you to it, that is! That's because dealers usually don't want the hassle and expense of hauling unsold RVs back home again.
While you're looking for that perfect RV, don't neglect the show's aftermarket vendors. Not only can they offer tips on caring for your new RV, but they also know which RV brands will start needing repairs sooner rather than later. 
Just like car dealerships, RV dealerships have monthly and yearly sales quotas they have to meet. RV Talk recommends waiting until the end of the month to buy. If that month happens to be late in the year, even better! As cold weather sets in, RV sales slow way down. Add slower sales to an end-of-year quota that must be met... well, you get the idea!
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Other great times to buy an RV

RV dealerships are swamped in the spring and summer when everyone is looking forward to an
RV road trip
. That's why you'll get a better deal in mid-winter. Sales of RVs drop dramatically when there's snow on the ground. Dealers are so happy to see potential customers in the long, dreary (and lonely!) months of winter that they'll usually offer steep discounts just to make a sale.
New models arrive in spring, so dealers are eager to get rid of last year's models to make room for the new. That's why late winter is a great time to go RV shopping—as long as you don't mind last year's model. Most differences in model years are cosmetic, so you probably won't be missing much by purchasing a new RV that's a year older than what's about to arrive.

The best time to buy a used RV

RVs need to be winterized, maintained, and stored over the winter. Since most people don't use their RVs in winter, they often sell them to avoid the inconvenience and expense of keeping and maintaining them. Other people sell their current RV in the fall because they're looking forward to purchasing a new model in the spring. 
Because of this increased availability, early fall is a great time to pick up an amazing deal on a used RV for your next road trip. Just make sure that the used RV you're looking at has been maintained properly. Check for any signs of leaks or water damage, examine the tires for signs of excessive wear, and have a trusted mechanic go over the engine if it has one.
Another good time to buy a used RV is
when fuel prices soar
. Many RV owners panic and decide they can't afford to pull or drive a fuel-guzzling RV anymore. Well, their loss is your gain. After all, even though you're spending more on fuel with an RV, you're still saving a lot of money on meals and accommodations!
Before you invest in an RV, make sure you know what you're getting into.
Camper Grid
suggests asking yourself what type of RV you want, how you're planning on using it, and if you can afford the purchase, maintenance, and insurance costs.
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