Beloved Local Bear "Boo Boo" Killed in Massachusetts Car Crash

Ru Chen
· 3 min read
Wildlife officials in Massachusetts are saddened to announce the death of the famous black bear, affectionately named "Boo Boo", after he was struck in a
car accident
Boo Boo had been peacefully wandering through
for weeks, becoming a local celebrity. People reported daily sightings of the playful bear in multiple towns. He dumpster dove for meat and sweets, even adopting a taste for donut glaze.
Black bears have been coming in closer contact with humans over the years.

Boo Boo the bear sighted in Massachusetts

NBC 10 Boston
tells us that on June 24th, a car accident on Route 195 in Marion gravely injured a black bear. The van that struck the bear was transporting an elderly man to a doctor’s appointment. The driver and passenger were not injured in the collision, though the van sustained front end damage.
Witnesses saw the bear run into the woods after it was struck and were worried it was Boo Boo, but officials could not find the bear on the day of the crash. People hoped that the bear involved in the accident was not the bear that the residents of Massachusetts had grown so fond of.
However, the daily sightings of Boo Boo abruptly stopped. A few days later, a search for the black bear was called, and biologists eventually found black bear remains in nearby brush. After performing a DNA test, they confirmed it was unfortunately Boo Boo that was struck and killed.
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Co-existing with bears and other wildlife

According to
CBS Boston
, MassWildlife said that Boo Boo was not relocated because black bears are not inherently aggressive towards people. Police departments, officials, and residents all learned how to safely co-exist with the bear this summer.
wildlife collisions
are all too common. MassWildlife estimates 4000+ black bears living along Interstate 495 to the Berkshires. Just in a two-year period, officials logged 83 bear/vehicle collisions in Massachusetts, and that’s not counting wildlife collisions with other animals.
Bears don’t shy away from roadways as they look for mates and food, but the high speeds and traffic of highways result in frequent collisions that are often deadly for animals. Around 40 bears are killed annually in car collisions.

The dangers of wildlife collisions

While we travel by car, animals have also learned to cross roads and bridges. While animals navigate successfully most of the time, they don’t observe the same traffic laws as us.
Deer, coyotes, turtles, and other wildlife are also prone to colliding with vehicles, especially at night and on highways.
Wildlife collisions can be very dangerous, both for people and animals. They can cause substantial vehicle damage, resulting in the need for roadside assistance and extra insurance.
It is important to be careful of all wildlife when driving, not just bears. If you live in a place where wildlife crossings and collisions are common,
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