Avoid Breaking These Weird Michigan Driving Laws

Alex Healey
· 3 min read
Michigan has long been the center of the U.S. automotive industry. In fact, Henry
built his first automobile in Detroit way back in 1896.
In the ensuing 125 years, Michigan continued to cement its reputation as a hotbed for auto innovation but they passed a few weird driving laws too!
Read on to learn about some of these strange rules and we’ll explain how
can help you find
cheap Michigan car insurance
Michigan has its fair share of crazy car laws.

The weirdest driving laws in Michigan

Nationwide Insurance
has broken down some of the weirdest driving laws by state, and for Michigan, they advise that it’s illegal to sit in the middle of the street and read a newspaper.
This makes sense when taken at face value, but it also feels oddly specific. I mean, were lots of Michiganders taking in the morning news in the middle of the road before it was outlawed?
Talking of oddly specific, Michigan radio station
97.5 NOW FM
explain that it’s against the law to have sex in a parked car unless you’re parked in your driveway.
They also report that pigs can’t run freely through downtown Detroit unless they have rings in their noses, and in Wayland, MI, it will cost you three cents a day to keep a cow on Main Street.
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Some old laws are still enforced

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These archaic laws made sense back when they were first enacted, but they do seem silly when viewed through a modern lens. That doesn’t mean they are completely ignored by Michigan’s cops though.
For example, thanks to a 1953 ruling, it is illegal to
sell cars
on a Sunday. This is still enforced in many places across the state.

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While some of these weird laws are outdated, make sure you understand
local traffic laws
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