Auto Insurance Agents Might Become a Thing Of the Past

Lindsey Hopkins
· 4 min read
As the world becomes more and more technology-dependent we're seeing a trend of digital systems replacing their human predecessors. Whether it's a self-checkout at the grocery store or a computerized bank teller, ease of use and convenience are taking the place of one-on-one interactions with customer service personnel.
If it's true in other industries, it is certainly true in the world of
car insurance
. With more and more consumers using AI-based car insurance tools like
, it's not a wonder that customers are seeking more ways to use convenient apps and websites to fulfill their car insurance needs.

Car insurance customer satisfaction is linked to easy websites

As area restrictions forced some organizations to close their brick-and-mortar storefronts this year, companies sought ways to adapt to the ever-changing work environment.
A key priority became how to find effective ways to keep employees productive and customers satisfied while everyone stayed at home. Many organizations turned to virtual meetings, online tools, and interactive websites.
For the first time, auto insurance agents are becoming far less important to overall customer satisfaction than a company's website. Consumers are more interested in efficiency, and how easy it is to navigate a company's website than they are in meeting face-to-face with their agent.
A good website layout and an intuitive interface will have far-reaching benefits to modern consumers. In fact,
predicts that many of the changes we're now seeing are likely to continue even now that storefronts are opening back up.
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Digital interactions vs. face to face meetings

According to Robert Lajdziak, senior consultant for insurance intelligence at
J.D. Power
. "This is the first time that the digital channel has become the preferred means of interacting with auto insurers, exceeding one-on-one communication with agents."
This means that companies who choose to spend time and money investing in excellent online and digital interfaces will see a high return on their investment. Digital access to resources has become an important desire amongst modern consumers.
Lajdziak explains further that while local car insurance agents may be knowledgeable, those businesses which focus on their digital storefronts and online customer service experiences have seen an increase in client satisfaction. He explains in the J.D. Power study:
"This has huge implications for the industry because it puts the focus squarely on digital investment to notably expand creating seamless customer touch points. It's an area in which the major national carriers excel, versus hyper-local, albeit knowledgeable, agent networks."

Auto insurance agents might be becoming obsolete

In years past, if you needed car insurance you'd have to make an appointment at your local agency and then meet face-to-face to get a quote. If you were lucky, your town might have more than one agent or company, so you could comparison shop.
Now, as auto insurance agents are becoming more digitally invested, you have some options. Not only can you receive free, online quotes from nearly every agency, you can also find apps to help you navigate your options.
When companies are able to help customers meet their own needs online, companies can increase customer satisfaction and sales while reducing the demand on their employees and office space. This is why in-person auto insurance agents may become a thing of the past.
When customers have the power to initiate engagement and contact via an online interface, it becomes a much more efficient and time-saving model than face-to-face meetings. Even more so when the system can be automated or run with an AI-based tool like
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