The 2 Best Cars of the Year According to iSeeCars

Serena Aburahma
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Whether you’re buying a car online or in person, there’s a lot to consider. Safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, and price can all be factors that play into your decision when buying a vehicle. There are a lot of great
new cars
on the market, but deciding which is for you can be a long process.
There are resources available to make comparisons easier, though!
has a helpful new car ranking system that breaks down different vehicle types to help car buyers find what's right for them.
A car is a long-term investment for many, so how do you decide what’s best for you?

How does iSeeCars decide what the best cars are?

Using data from 24 million vehicles, iSeeCars uses a thorough ranking system to provide an unbiased comparison of cars. Their rankings involve three major factors, which are all equally important in determining the final score of the car and what they consider the best car to be.
The first factor they measure vehicles on is reliability. This means testing how long a vehicle lasts on average.
Next, they measure value retention, which shows how much the value of a car changes over time. Drivers all trade their vehicles in eventually, and they want to know that they can get a good price when they do.
Lastly, iSeeCars factors in safety using crash test ratings from the
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Toyota makes one of the best cars

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Toyota's signature hybrid SUV, the Highlander, earned a total score of 9.2 out of 10 by iSeeCars making it one of the best cars. Its category scores were an 8.9 in reliability, an 8.6 in value retention, and a perfect 10 in safety.
The Highlander Hybrid is powerful with its 295 horsepower V-6 engine, the car can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 6.7 seconds. Available all-wheel drive allows the SUV to go over difficult terrain and makes it a reliable vehicle for drivers exploring the outdoors.
As a hybrid, the Toyota Highlander also seeks to be more efficient than a traditional SUV. The stylish vehicle is equipped with two electric motors that help the SUV reach the milestone of 35 miles per gallon. On a single tank, it has an estimated range of 598 to 615 miles.

The Honda Odyssey

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For drivers interested in a minivan, iSeeCars would recommend the Honda Odyssey as the best car. Just like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, the Honda Odyssey received an overall score of 9.2 out of 10. It scored a 9.3 in reliability, an 8.2 in value retention, and a 10 in safety.
The long-lasting quality of the Odyssey means that a family looking for a minivan will be able to drive this for years if they wish. The vehicle is renowned for its spacious interior and comfortable features like climate control.
Despite being a large minivan with ample seating, the Honda Odyssey manages to feel smooth like a sedan while driving. The Odyssey’s features include a V-6 engine and technology like its "Honda Sensing" that makes driving less stressful.
The Honda Odyssey and Toyota Highlander Hybrid were ranked by iSeeCars as the best cars, but these aren't the only high-scoring vehicles on the list. Drivers looking for a sedan, pickup truck, or other cars can also find top-rated vehicles. This list helps simplify the pros and cons to help drivers find a vehicle meant for them.
With their comparative rankings, iSeeCars has done some of the hard work of the car buying process. When shopping for insurance,
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