Westchester County Property Tax

With an average tax rate of 1.62%, Westchester County has one of the highest median property taxes in the country.
Written by Lindsey Hoover
On average, Westchester County residents pay $9,003 a year in property taxes. This is about 8.1% of their yearly income or 1.62% of their home’s assessed fair market value.
  • Real estate owners in Westchester County must pay annual property taxes
  • Property taxes fund local services and projects, as determined by local governments
  • Veterans and/or senior citizens may qualify for an exemption

Property tax 101

Property taxes are confusing, regardless of whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner. 
Here’s a brief rundown of property taxes:
  • Property taxes are allocated by the local government to fund community services and projects
  • Property taxes usually apply to real property, such as land and homes
  • A local tax assessor determines property tax rates based on market values and the local tax rate
  • Property taxes often change due to market conditions and local budgets
Without property taxes: Your local government couldn’t afford to offer community services and projects that improve your life as a homeowner and community member.   

What is the property tax rate in Westchester County?

In Westchester County, the average tax rate is 1.62% of the assessed fair market value. This means if you own property in Westchester, you can expect to pay $9,003 (8.1%) of your yearly income in property taxes. 
It’s important that you set aside enough to cover your local property taxes—especially considering Westchester County has some of the highest property taxes in New York state and in the nation.
Keep in mind: Special districts may include additional levies that could affect your real estate tax bill.
To learn more about how taxes are broken down in Westchester County: We suggest visiting
Westchester County’s website
—where you can view property tax rates by property address dating back to 2002.

How Westchester County property taxes are determined

Westchester County property taxes are determined by the county’s assessor’s office on a property-by-property basis. Real property in Westchester County is defined as land and any structures attached to it. 
Each year, the assessor of Westchester County calculates the amount you owe in taxes based on your
property’s fair market value
If you make any improvements or additions to your home, your property’s appraised value and tax rate are likely to increase. We suggest visiting the
Westchester County website
for additional property tax information.
If you think your assessed home value was unfair or incorrect: Property owners can
contest their assessment
to the Board of Assessment Review. 
Other factors that could impact your property taxes: Your veteran status and age. If you’re a senior citizen who is 65 years or older and/or a veteran, you may be eligible for an exemption. Contact the Assessment Department at 914-377-6200, or visit
New York State’s website
to learn more.

What do Westchester County property taxes pay for? 

In Westchester County, property tax dollars are used to fund the following community programs and services:
  • Road and highways 
  • Public transportation
  • Public libraries
  • Community education
  • Infrastructure safety
  • Emergency services
  • Public safety
  • Public school district funding
  • Health services
  • Municipal government projects
Property tax income in Westchester County is used for local services and will never be allocated to the state and federal budget. 

How to pay property taxes in Westchester County 

Property taxes in Westchester County are paid in one installment yearly. Westchester usually sends out its County Tax Bill in March and from there, residents have 30 days to pay their bill. 
You can visit the
county website's real property tax page
to stay up-to-date on property taxes. It’s also a good idea to research your specific city’s property tax due dates.
When it comes to paying property taxes in Westchester County, you typically have three options to choose from, but options may vary depending on where you live. 
In Yonkers, you can pay your property tax bill online, by mail, or in person:
  • Online: You can
    pay taxes online
    with an e-check, credit card, or debit card. Credit and debit payments may come with a service fee.
  • By mail: If paying property taxes by mail, do not send cash. All City Tax payments should be sent to: City of Yonkers, 40 South Broadway, Room 108, Yonkers, NY 10701. For County Tax, send to: Dept #116226, PO Box 5211 Binghamton, NY 13902-521. 
  • In person: You can visit City Hall to pay in person: City Hall, 1st Floor, Room 108, Cashier's Office. Cash, money orders, checks, credit cards, or debit cards are accepted.
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Westchester County property taxes are due 30 days after the county adopts the County Tax Bill. They usually do this in March. You are also responsible for your City Tax bill. Dates for these will vary depending on where you live.
Your property tax bill will be mailed to you in March, before the tax due date.
Property taxes in Westchester County average about $9,003 a year, making it one of the country’s most expensive places in which to own property.
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