Tips to Prevent Your Doors from Slamming

To prevent doors around your house from slamming, you can use cushioning devices, fix the hinges, and more easy solutions.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
There are as many solutions to prevent slamming doors in the home as there are causes. Some easy fixes worth trying include foam strips, felt pads, and even rubber bands.
If the door to your home is constantly slamming, you know just how annoying it can be—it can wake your sleeping kid, startle you, and make for an overall unpleasant experience. 
Luckily, there are plenty of easy and affordable ways to stop this problem in its tracks. To get you started, the
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Why does your door slam?

There are a few common reasons why you may find your door to be slamming frequently:
  • Too much force
  • Fluctuations in air pressure
  • Worn-out hinges
  • Uneven frame alignment
Too much force is the most common problem, and the most simple solution is to make sure anybody who uses your door knows to be gentle with it.

Ways to prevent your door from slamming

It’s best to address a slamming door when you first notice it, as putting it off can lead to further major problems down the line—like an entire door replacement!
The following are various methods to try if your door is slamming due to a physical issue (and not just forgetting to be gentle). 

Use foam strips to dampen noise

Try using foam strips as cushions to dampen the noise. Try
sticky foam weather stripping
, which can be cut to fit your door frame.
Begin in one corner by lining up the strip evenly across the frame. When the strips are correctly positioned, press the strip securely against the frame. 
(Don’t push the glue in too hard until the entire door frame is lined, in case you have to peel it back to realign the strip.)

Cushion door with felt pads

Felt pads are another alternative for softening the impact of a door and behave pretty similarly to weather strips. 
Start by installing two pads about 1-2 inches above the lock and handle. If this doesn't help, try adding two more pads, one higher and one lower than the prior two.
Get a multipack of
self-adhesive felt pads
if you're not sure what size to use.

Use a rubber band

This is one of the simplest solutions to keep a door from slamming, and installation is pretty simple.
When you open the door, wrap the rubber band around the handle. Stretch it around the latch until you reach the other side. Because it's wrapped around the door, it acts as just enough of a bumper to prevent slamming against the frame.

Use door pinch guards

These extra-soft foam cushions are mainly used to protect babies and children from getting their fingers caught in doors, but 
pinch guards
are also a great way to prevent your door from slamming.
Pinch guards will leave a gap of 1-1.5 inches between the door and the frame, so be sure to only use this solution on interior doors.

Use a draft stop cloth below the door

Draft stops
(also called door seals) are long, thin strips of cloth. They're made to fit under any door to prevent drafts from coming in, but they can also prevent your door from swinging open and shut.
If the door likes to slam open, place the cloth in front of it. If the door smashes shut, use the cloth as a doorstop.

Protect walls of your home with door bumpers

Installing a self-adhesive
is one of the most practical solutions to prevent damage from the doorknob slamming into the wall.
Just attach this product (which comes in plastic, rubber, or foam varieties) to the spot where the doorknob meets the wall and enjoy the silence whenever your kids fling the door open.

Cover door jamb with cushion

Similar to the rubber band approach, you can use door cushions (like
this one
) to prevent your door from slamming by creating a small bumper.
Unlike the rubber band method, a cushion completely covers the door latch, but it’s still thin enough to allow you to close the door. It stops the door from latching and keeps it from hitting the frame, which makes it a great door silencer for nurseries

Install a door closer (if you don’t have one)

If you don’t have one, try installing a
mechanical door closer
that forces your doors to close slowly. Just remember to follow the installation instructions for the model you purchase.

Inspect and adjust the door closer

If you already have a door closer but it’s not working properly, you may find yourself dealing with slamming doors. 
Check the tension, which is located on the upper side on top of the door’s main attachment, and use a screwdriver to adjust it.

Replace door hinges

When door hinges wear out or are fitted incorrectly, they can cause your door to quickly slam shut. Examine the hinges to see if they are straight or worn down. You may have to drill new holes to realign the hinges.
Key Takeaway It’s easy to prevent your doors from slamming if you know exactly what’s causing the issue. You can purchase different products depending on whether you want to reduce door noise or make it close more slowly.

Does home insurance cover doors?

Normal wear and tear to doors, as well as damage caused by neglect and a lack of maintenance, are typically not covered by a standard home insurance policy.
Things like worn-down hinges or holes in the wall from human error generally won’t be protected by your homeowners insurance. 
Any unexpected or accidental damage caused by the
named perils
in your policy will be covered: incidents like a storm sending a tree branch through your front door, or burglars damaging a door during a break-in, for example.

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