8 Top Lincoln Aviator Competitors

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Don’t go with the first luxury SUV you see — take the time to consider all the alternatives to a Lincoln Aviator, like the Lexus RX 350, the Infiniti QX 60, and the Audi Q7.
With seating for seven, a stylish exterior, plush cabin, and an optional hybrid powertrain, buying a Lincoln Aviator might seem like an obvious choice. But wait! Could there be other models on the market that offer more power? A cheaper price tag? More competitive car insurance rates? Take the time to consider all of your options.
, the
car insurance
super app, is here with a comparison guide to the Lincoln Aviator’s top rivals. We’ll look at key features, price, and driveability while providing you with tips on how to save on your
Lincoln Aviator insurance costs

1. Audi Q7 

Starting price: $58,695 to $74,495
Selling points: Premium interior features, high-tech cabin
Weak spot: Tight third row, less storage space than competitors
If you’ve got a growing family but don’t want to leave your sporty sedan days behind you, it’s time to think about the
Audi Q7
. Optional air suspension and agile steering make for a lithe, nimble driving experience you won’t soon forget. If you’re feeling crunchy, there’s even an optional hybrid powertrain that boosts the horsepower up to 335 when paired with the 3.0-liter V6.
Of course, a family-sized SUV isn’t all about the driving experience—the interior matters just as much, if not more. The Audi Q7 comes with three rows of seating (though that third row is best left to children), plenty of tech in the cockpit, and luxury details that will make the weekly slog to soccer practice downright heavenly. Worried about the cost of ownership? Thankfully the Audi Q7 insurance costs are still within reach. 

2. Mercedes-Benz GLE 

Starting price: $57,200 to $81,200
Selling points: High-tech cabin, upscale appointments, spacious seating
Weak spot: Best features have high price tags, snug optional third row, stiff ride
If you need your luxury SUV to take you from the streets to the backcountry, think about the Mercedes-Benz GLE. Don’t be scared by this luxury name—the
Mercedes-Benz GLE insurance costs
aren’t sky-high if you know where and how to look. Overall, the GLE’s off-road capabilities and powerful engine options give you the power you need to navigate the back roads without sacrificing the luxury of home.
Have a large or growing family? Opt for the third row of seating to expand your capacity. While the third row is a little snug for adults, it’s perfect for the kiddos in tow. For the adults, the front is packed with a wall of screens giving you insight into the generous infotainment system.  

3. BMW X7 

Starting price: $78,845 to $104,095
Selling points: Quiet cabin, velvety smooth ride
Weak spot: Less than stellar storage space, tight third row
As the most expensive option on our list, and the option with the worst fuel economy, you might be worried the cost of ownership of a BMW X7 is out of this world (even though the affordable
BMW X7 insurance costs
bring it back down). Well, don’t fret. This vehicle is loaded with luxury to make that astronomical price tag worth it, like diamond-quilted stitching, heated seats, and a panoramic sunroof.
All models of the BMW X7 come with all-wheel drive and air suspension, which make riding in this luxury SUV more like laying down on a pillow. The upscale materials and high tech in the cabin make this ride more comfortable than other competitors, and the juicy engine options make for a drive that’s engaging, limber, and fun
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Make auto loan refinancing easy with PriceProtect™
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4. Genesis GV80 

Starting price: $51,295 to $78,295
Selling points: Nice tailoring, smooth ride, lots of tech
Weak spot: Heavy steering, standard 4-cylinder isn’t exciting
When you find an SUV that is this packed with luxury features, you start to think about the cost of ownership — particularly what the
Genesis GV80 insurance costs
are like to protect all these amazing features. Thankfully, this luxury vehicle is more affordable than you might originally think, especially given all the value you get for the price you pay. 
Driving the GV80 is both composed and comfortable thanks to its balanced tuning and responsive steering. Have a need for speed? Opt for the twin-turbo V6 engine—which adds $10,000 to the price tag—to get the adrenaline and driving experience you crave. It’s just one reason why the GV80 won the Car and Driver
Editor’s choice award

5. Infiniti QX 60 

Starting price: $47,875 to $61,375
Selling points: Elegant, smooth-shifting, great storage space 
Weak spot: Stiff ride, no Android Auto available
A spacious third row is somewhat of a rarity among family-oriented luxury SUVs, but the Infiniti QX60 delivers on seating that’s suitable for both large children and small adults. While it’s best to keep your larger-sized friends and family members in the front, the leather upholstery throughout the cabin will keep everyone comfy — especially in the front, which has ventilated seats with a massage option
Despite a ride that feels stiff overall, the improved gearbox has provided the QX60 with smoother shifting. Lush cabin appointments might make you worry about the
Infiniti QX60 insurance costs
, but the towing capacity of 6,000 pounds might make the overall cost worth it. 

6. Volvo XC90 

Starting price: $51,995 
Selling points: Quick PHEV option, feels more expensive than it is
Weak spot: Bumpy ride, rival PHEVs are more efficient
A reliably safe choice for families and with surprisingly low
Volvo XC90 insurance costs,
this luxury SUV is a top choice among its competitors. The surprisingly affordable price tag still affords you some luxuries, like a heated steering wheel and an air purification system. The XC90 also offers tight handling, quick acceleration, and optional air suspension which all combine to make a smooth, comfortable ride. 
One drawback: the lower tow capacity compared to other models on the list, plus more efficient hybrid options from competitors. Still, the XC90 is a great choice for families looking to add a little luxury to their lives without breaking the bank. 

7. Land Rover Range Rover Sport 

Starting price: $72,250
Selling points: Lush interior, high-end appearance
Weak spot: Glitchy infotainment, tight third row
Land Rovers are expensive vehicles, full stop. If you’ve been dreaming of a Land Rover of your own, consider the Land Rover Range Rover Sport (even with
Land Rover Range Rover Sport insurance costs
being what they are). The Range Rover Sport is offered at a cheaper price tag than its more costly siblings without sacrificing the off-roading capabilities and all-wheel drive that Land Rover is known for.
The interior is packed with luxury features like a dual 10-inch infotainment screen, but these details sometimes suffer from poor execution. The infotainment system can be slow to respond at times compared to some other options on our list, but it still comes standard with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Overall, you’ll get high luxury without a price tag that exceeds $100k. 
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Make auto loan refinancing easy with PriceProtect™
icon4.7/5 rating on the App Store | Trusted by 5+ million customers and 7 million cars
icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

8. Lexus RX 350 

Starting price: $46,995 to $59,185
Selling points: Fuel efficient, very comfortable ride
Weak spot: A little slow, confusing infotainment design
You won’t get the same Lexus RX 350 (or the same
Lexus RX 350 insurance costs
) as someone else — this luxury SUV is loaded with options from engine choices (a powerful V6 or eco-friendly hybrid engine) to the seating arrangement
No matter which paths you choose, you’ll get a smooth, luxurious ride in the end. The interior is loaded with thoughtful details like leather seats, wooden trim, soft-touch plastics, and more. 
Sometimes luxury vehicles struggle to balance the finer things in life with more practical concerns like storage space, but not the RX 350 — you’ll find plenty of space and storage cubbies abound. Despite some struggles with the infotainment system, the RX 350 is a great choice at an affordable price. 

Lincoln Aviator vs. the competition

Need a side-by-side? Below is our comparison chart of the 2022 Lincoln Aviator with its toughest competition.
Starting price range
Engine options
Maximum seating capacity
Maximum cargo volume
Maximum towing capacity
Fuel economy (city/highway/combined)
Lincoln Aviator
$52,975 to $88,520
V6 or hybrid powertrain
6 to 7
77.7 cubic feet
6,700 pounds
17/24/20 mpg
Audi Q7
$58,695 to $74,495
Four-cylinder, V6, or hybrid powertrain
69.6 cubic feet
7,000 pounds
Mercedes-Benz GLE
$57,200 to $81,200
4-cylinder, V6, or V8
5 to 7
80.3 cubic feet
7,200 pounds
19/26/22 mpg
$78,845 to $104,095
Six-cylinder or V8
90.4 cubic feet
5,950 pounds
14/20/16 mpg
Genesis GV80
$51,295 to $78,295
4-cylinder or twin-turbo V6
5 to 7
84.0 cubic feet
6,000 pounds
21/25/22 mpg
Infiniti QX60
$47,875 to $61,375
6 to 7
75.4 cubic feet
6,000 pounds
21/26/23 mpg
Volvo QX90
$51,995 to $72,195
Turbocharged 4-cylinder or PHEV powertrain
65.5 cubic feet
5,000 pounds
25/27/26 mpg
Land Rover Range Rover Sport
$72,250 to $87,050
5 to 7
63.7 cubic feet
5,511 to 7,716 pounds
19/25/21 mpg
Lexus RX 350
$46,995 to $59,185
V6 or hybrid powertrain
5 to 7
58.5 cubic feet
3,500 pounds
19/26/22 mpg

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