How Many Dogs Can You Have in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, there is no limit on the number of dogs you can own, but you still must follow specific dog ownership laws in the state.
Written by Claire Beaney
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
In Wisconsin, there are no state-level restrictions on the number of dogs you can have, but there may be local or county-level limitations. Learning about the various laws around pet ownership in your state can make all the difference in the long run.
Is there such a thing as having too many dogs? If you have a bunch and can't get enough of them, the answer is probably no. And there's good news for dog owners in
: there's no state limit on how many dogs one person may have.
Make sure you follow local restrictions and limit the number of dogs you keep to an amount you can properly care for.
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! Continue reading to learn more about how many dogs you can own in Wisconsin, the state’s specific leash laws, and possible consequences for disobeying any pet ownership laws.
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Does Wisconsin have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

In Wisconsin, there is no state limit on the number of dogs you can own; however, different municipalities will have varied limits.
You can click
for a full list of municipalities in Wisconsin and their restrictions on the number of dogs someone can own. A few examples of laws include:
  • North Prairie
    limits dogs to 2 per household—but if you’re moving to town with more than 2 dogs, you just need to obtain a license for each additional pet
  • Cudahy
    limits dogs to no more than 3 per household (excluding puppies under 5 months old)
  • Watertown
    limits dogs to 4 per household (with the exception of puppies up to 4 months old)
But being a good pet owner means keeping the number of dogs you own to a manageable quantity. This includes routine day-to-day charges and unforeseen medical fees.

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in Wisconsin?

There are no breed restrictions in Wisconsin state law, but there are several cities and towns that have restrictions and bans on certain breeds.
For example,
has restrictions on pit bulls and rottweilers, while in
, pit bulls are declared “vicious”. For a full list of banned breeds in Wisconsin cities,
click here
While many states have specific rules in place for dogs whose behavior has been dangerous, Wisconsin
does not
have a "dangerous dog" statute.

What are the leash laws in Wisconsin?

Even if you believe you have the most well-behaved pup on the block, allowing them to run loose in the streets is not a good idea. Wisconsin holds owners liable for any damage caused by dogs “running at large"—aka
A dog is deemed to be "running at large" if it is not under the control of its owner or another person and is not on the owner's property. Dogs that are seen running loose or unlicensed will be impounded, and owners face a $100 fine for the first offense and a $200 fine for future incidents.
Make sure to follow leash laws wherever you go to avoid these unpleasant consequences!

Penalties for breaking dog laws in Wisconsin

The penalties, as with any infraction of the law, are proportional to the severity of the incident.
When a dog hurts or causes harm to a person, a domestic animal, or a piece of property, the dog's owner has to pay for all of the damages. If the damage leaves permanent scarring, disfigurement, or the owner knew of the dog attacking someone else previously, the compensation can double.
This can mean going from fines between $50 and $2,500, to paying out between $200 and $5,000. An individual can also file a civil action suit against the dog and its owner with the intention of euthanasia if they, their child, or their pet was injured. 

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