Home Inspection Costs in Tennessee

The average cost for a home inspection in Tennessee is between $300 and $450, depending on your home’s size, location, and the home inspection provider.
Written by Heather Bernhard
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The average cost for a home inspection in
is between $300 and $450, depending on the home’s square footage, age, the inspection provider, and other factors. 
Home inspections are not required by law in Tennessee, but they’re still a good idea if you’re in the market for a new place to live. Inspections help potential buyers better understand a home’s current condition so they can enter into negotiations with the appropriate knowledge. 
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What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is a limited, non-invasive inspection of a home, usually performed in conjunction with the sale of a property. Though the examination is voluntary, most buyers choose to schedule and pay for it. 
Why? Because it gives them valuable insight into what will likely be the biggest purchase of their life. 
On occasion, a seller may also choose to pay for a home inspection before listing their house on the market. In this instance, a pre-inspection gives the seller an idea of any potential pitfalls they may encounter down the road and allows them to fix glaring issues (such as a bad roof) before trying to sell. 
It is important to note that even if the seller gets a home inspection before listing, you cannot be certain that they disclosed all the relevant information. For this reason, it is still recommended that you as the buyer pay for an independent inspection before closing the deal. 

How much does a home inspection cost in Tennessee?

Home inspection costs in Tennessee can range anywhere from $300 to $450, but the final bill depends on several factors. 
Costs are mainly determined by the size of your home. The larger it is, the more you can expect to pay. However, other characteristics, such as the home’s age and location, can also play a role. 
For example, in the capital city of
, homebuyers can expect to pay about $300 for a smaller dwelling (like a condominium), while a 2,500-square foot house can cost $400 or more. If you opt for any add-on services (like radon testing), your bill will be even higher. 

How to get a home inspection in Tennessee

Before closing on your Tennessee dream home, a home inspection can help ensure you know exactly what you're getting. 
To find a qualified home inspector, start your search by referring to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) and the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). Both organizations let you search for certified home inspectors throughout the country. `
You can also find a certified inspector through the
Home Inspectors of Tennessee Association
. Here are a few certified companies in the Volunteer State:
  • Imperial Inspection Services: Serves all of Middle Tennessee. Call 615-598-5426 or visit their website to
    schedule an appointment
  • Old Hickory Home Inspection: Serves Nashville and surrounding areas. Call 615-604-6818 to book your appointment or
    request a quote
  • Carlson Complete Home: Serves Nashville, Hendersonville, Lebanon, Mt. Juliet, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Gallatin, White House, Portland, Brentwood, and Spring Hill. Call 615-594-1663 or
    request an inspection

What is covered in a home inspection? 

No two home inspections are exactly alike; however, most of them cover the same basics. During your Tennessee home inspection, you can expect them to inspect:
  • The home’s interior and exterior (walls, floors, foundation, roof)
  • Windows and doors
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Electrical system
  • Plumbing and sewage
In addition, you can opt to include add-on services, such as radon testing, pool or hot tub inspection, and mold testing. 
The inspection shouldn’t take more than a few hours, and once it’s complete, the examiner will create a report explaining the areas of the house that need repair or could become problematic in the future. 

Who pays for a home inspection?

Generally, the buyer finds, hires, and pays for a home inspector. In addition, a general inspection sometimes reveals the need for a specialized assessment, like pest inspection—the buyer would pay for this too. 
Even though the seller doesn’t pay for the inspection itself, they can end up paying in other ways. For example, if the inspector finds anything that needs to be replaced, the seller can purchase the new item before closing. 
In addition, buyers may also try to negotiate a lower purchase price if the issues found in the inspection are significant (like a damaged roof). 
Key Takeaway Usually, the prospective buyer hires and pays for a home inspector, but the seller may cover the costs of repairs and replacements before closing. 

Protect yourself with home insurance in Tennessee 

Buying a home is likely the largest purchase you’ll ever make. A home inspection can help ensure you’re making a wise choice by exposing costly problems upfront. 
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A basic home inspection should take between two and four hours, depending on the size and age of your home. Adding on specialty services, such as pool inspection, can take longer. 
Once it’s complete, the inspector will need another few days to type up your report. The entire process shouldn’t take more than a week.
The size of the house largely determines the cost of a home inspection, and the bigger it is, the more you’ll pay. 
That being said, other factors can play a role. For example, older homes may take longer to inspect due to out-of-date electrical systems, lead paint, and other issues. 
Your best bet is to contact several inspectors, be clear about the home's condition, and get quotes before hiring anyone.
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