Best Roofing Materials for Hail

Rubber shingles, stone-coated steel shingles, and metal roofs are some of the best roofing materials for hail.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Damage from hail was one of the top home insurance claims from 2015 to 2019—and your roof is one of the areas most at risk of hail damage. The right roofing material for hail, like rubber shingles or metal roofing, can mitigate some of the damage.
According to a study done by Stanford University, as global temperatures rise, we will see more and more unpredictable and severe weather patterns. Increasingly strong weather events can spell potential disaster for homeowners.
You can’t always predict the weather, but you can prep your roof with hail-resistant roofing materials and hail-proof shingles. Homeowners insurance shopping app
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What are the kinds of hail-proof roofing materials? 

When it comes to hail-resistant roofing materials, you’ll need to strike a delicate balance between something stylish, sturdy, and affordable. Luckily there is a whole range of options that will mesh well with multiple styles of homes. 

Rubber shingles 

Ok, just hear us out on this one. It may sound a little ridiculous to put rubber on your roof, but rubber shingles are actually one of the best materials for hail! The rubber absorbs a lot of the shock of the impact of hail and is extremely resilient. With rubber shingles, the hail will just bounce right off! 
Rubber hail-proof shingles look a lot better than you’d imagine they would. They are very similar in appearance to asphalt shingles, but with the added benefit of being a stronger hail-resistant roofing material. 
And, if you weren’t sold on the rubber roof shingles already, they’re usually made from recycled tires, making them one of the more eco-friendly and affordable hail-proof shingles. 

Metal roofing 

Metal roofs are some of the most long-lasting and durable hail-proof roofs. A steel roof, in particular, provides a solid defense against any hail storm. As far as looks go, metal roofs are most commonly found out further west and give your home that distinct Southwest vibe. 
Metal roofs do have some drawbacks to be aware of, though. Despite their strength, a large enough hail pelt can leave a dent in your roof. Over time, you could end up with a pock-marked roof—which is probably not the look you were going for. 
Plus, waiting out a hail storm beneath a metal roof can get pretty noisy pretty fast!

Stone-coated steel shingles 

These hail-proof shingles are specific to the brand
. The steel tiles are coated in an acrylic stone coating to combine the strength of steel with the more stylish elements of wood, asphalt, clay, or other tiles that are less hail-resistant. 
Steel-coated shingles are a great option for homeowners in hail-heavy regions who want to be more particular about the aesthetic of their roofs. But, these stone-coated steel shingles will cost you more than rubber shingles or a metal roof. So, if you can’t commit to a rubber roof, you may be better off with these hail-proof shingles. 
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Asphalt shingles 

Asphalt shingles are among some of the most common roofing materials found atop homes. Why? As far as roofing materials go, asphalt tiles are relatively cheap and have a classic, evergreen look. But, asphalt shingles are one of the worst materials for a hail-proof roof
Asphalt tiles are prone to crack with damage and with time. Even those marketed as “hail-proof” will not endure through a heavy hail storm, just because asphalt itself is a weaker material

How to decide which hail-resistant roofing material is best for you 

When it comes to hail-proofing your roof it’s important to keep in mind that hail usually brings its friend
along to the party as well. Meaning, you’ll want something that is not just hail-proof, but generally storm-proof as well. Make sure those shingles are securely on and ready for anything Mother Nature throws at them! 
To get technical about it, the
Underwriters Laboratory
, a not-for-profit that specializes in testing and certifying home materials, has devised a rating system for hail-proof materials. They rate roofing materials as Class 1 through Class 4 based on their level of resistance. 
For a truly hail-proof roof, you will want something with a UL2218 Class 4 rating. Class 4 roofing materials are able to withstand 23.71 foot-pounds of force and damage from a two-inch steel ball—talk about something durable! 
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