Is Fred Loya Roadside Assistance Worth It?

Fred Loya offers roadside assistance—but is it better than coverage from competitors like AAA? Let’s dive in.
Written by Jaya Anandjit
Reviewed by Bellina Gaskey
Fred Loya customers with any policy type can purchase roadside assistance coverage, which offers emergency services to drivers in 11 states. To access Fred Loya’s roadside assistance, call 1-888-248-8787 or request services through the Fred Loya mobile app.
  • Fred Loya roadside assistance is available for all policyholders.
  • You can add Fred Loya roadside assistance to your policy in 11 states.
  • Roadside assistance from Fred Loya covers vehicle towing, flat tire replacements, and much more.
Perhaps the biggest decision you’ll need to make regarding roadside assistance is whether to purchase it through your regular
car insurance
provider or through an auto club like AAA. Here, we’ll go over the pros and cons of Fred Loya’s roadside assistance and how it stacks up to the competition. 
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What does Fred Loya roadside assistance cover?

Fred Loya’s roadside assistance coverage offers general emergency assistance for vehicle mishaps like low fuel, flat tires, or battery malfunctions. Here’s a full list of the services offered by Fred Loya’s roadside assistance: 
  • Vehicle towing services: Stranded on the side of the road? Fred Loya’s towering service will get your vehicle to the nearest repair shop, gas station, or a certified mechanic.
  • Flat tire assistance: Flat or popped tires may be replaced or inflated on the spot. Just file a claim and wait for a service vehicle to arrive! 
  • Battery jump starts: Dealing with a dead battery? Fred Loya will come equipped with
    jumper cables
    to charge your battery up.
  • Fuel delivery: Fred Loya will bring gas directly to your vehicle if you run out of fuel on the road. They’ll provide enough to get you to the nearest gas station. You’ll need to cover the cost of the fuel, but delivery is free.
  • Locksmith services: If you lock your keys inside your car, Fred Loya will send a locksmith to help you get into your vehicle.
  • Basic repairs and vehicle services: Fred Loya offers “mechanical first aid,” including replacements, supplies, or minor repairs, to get you back onto the road safely—or on your way to the nearest service station—after a breakdown.
If you do not have roadside assistance on your Fred Loya car insurance policy, you can still access these services, but they’ll come with a fee. If you have roadside assistance on your policy, you won’t pay extra for a service call or any assistance they provide for your claim.

How to use Fred Loya’s roadside assistance program

Fred Loya roadside assistance is available to customers in the following states: 
  • Georgia 
  • Nevada 
  • Illinois 
  • Arizona 
  • Indiana 
  • Alabama 
  • Texas 
  • Ohio 
  • California 
  • New Mexico 
  • Colorado
The quickest way to access Fred Loya’s roadside assistance is by calling their emergency roadside claims phone number 1-888-248-8787, which is open for business 24/7. If you’d rather not communicate through phone calls, you can use the Fred Loya mobile app to initiate an emergency roadside assistance claim.
Keep in mind that roadside assistance cannot be used if a car accident occurs. If you have
collision coverage
, Fred Loya may cover post-accident towing for your vehicle. But if you’re at fault for the accident, you might not have your tow covered.

How much does Fred Loya’s roadside assistance cost?

While Fred Loya’s roadside assistance costs are not publicly disclosed, it’s safe to assume that this optional coverage will cost anywhere between $30 to $100, depending on your state. (These are the average costs for roadside assistance—Fred Loya’s coverage may be cheaper or more expensive.)
Roadside assistance, otherwise known as towing and labor coverage, may cost anywhere from less than $15 to over $150 per year. For instance,
offers roadside assistance for as low as $14 per year. Meanwhile, AAA memberships start at $59.99 per year. 
To find out more about Fred Loya’s roadside assistance services, prices, and your eligibility as a policyholder, be sure to contact an insurance agent or reach out to Fred Loya at 1-888-248-8787.
The bottom line: Fred Loya’s roadside assistance offers standard coverage for a mystery cost, so is it really worth it—or should you invest in
an AAA membership

Fred Loya roadside assistance vs. AAA

Fred Loya’s roadside assistance program includes most of the services from AAA’s Basic plan, but there are a few major differences. 
First and foremost, Fred Loya’s roadside assistance only covers you if you’re driving your own car or are a passenger in your car. Roadside assistance from Fred Loya is exclusively tied to your vehicle
On the other hand, AAA’s roadside assistance offers services to any vehicle you’re driving or riding in as a passenger.
AAA also offers
two tiers of higher coverage
, their Plus and Premier plans. These include benefits of up to 100 towing miles, free 24-hour rental cars, and even hotel and travel discounts. 
While AAA provides a larger collection of benefits, you’ll likely face a higher price for a membership than if you were to opt for roadside assistance coverage with Fred Loya.
One of the biggest advantages of adding roadside assistance to your Fred Loya policy is that you’ll have all your coverage in one place. If you purchase a membership through AAA, you’ll need to balance the costs and separate features of your AAA plan and your Fred Loya insurance policy. 
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Technically, no. While you are filing a claim for roadside assistance to receive services from Fred Loya, your request will not be processed as a regular insurance claim, and it won’t raise your insurance rate.
Yes. You must have a Fred Loya insurance policy to receive roadside assistance benefits from them, but you do not need a full-coverage policy in order to do so.
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