New Hampshire Red Light Cameras

Running a red light in New Hampshire could cost you up to $124 in fines and 3 demerit points on your license.
Written by Tiffany Leung
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
A red light ticket in
New Hampshire
carries a fine up to $124 and adds three demerit points to your driving record. Knowing what options you have to fight a red light ticket is essential if you want to get the ticket dismissed.
Capturing evidence of traffic violations has become much easier with the help of red light cameras. Cameras have also helped reduce the number of fatal crashes caused by drivers running red lights.
However, red light cameras are illegal per New Hampshire law, so no red light camera tickets are issued within the state. You can still get pulled over by law enforcement for running a red light though, so it’s crucial that you drive safely and follow all traffic laws to avoid legal consequences—or worse, a car accident.
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Red light cameras are prohibited by New Hampshire state law. As a result, you cannot get a red light camera ticket. However, you can still get a ticket if you are caught running a red light and pulled over by law enforcement.

What should I do if I receive a red light camera ticket?

Since red light cameras are prohibited from capturing traffic violations, no red light camera tickets are issued in New Hampshire. This does not mean you’re immune to penalties from running red lights though—you can still be ticketed by a police officer.  
The fine for running a red light in New Hampshire is $62 for a first violation and $124 for a second violation within a year, plus three demerit points. Depending on your situation, you may also be convicted of reckless driving.
A red light ticket in New Hampshire can be handled in two ways. You can opt to pay the fine on the ticket or fight the ticket by pleading not guilty.

How to pay a red light camera ticket 

If you want to get the ticket over with, you can choose to pay the fine instead of stressing over going to court. In New Hampshire, you pay your ticket online, by mail, or in person.
Keep in mind that when you pay a red light ticket, you are also automatically pleading guilty. In other words, you waive your right to a trial in court and accept the penalties that come with the conviction.
It may be possible to take a driver improvement program to reduce your demerit points or dismiss the ticket. Always ask the judge if you are eligible for this option. 

How to fight a red light camera ticket

Although the fines for a red light ticket aren’t too high in New Hampshire, you would also receive three demerit points. Too many points can lead to a license suspension, which in turn may impact your career. If this is the case, then it is worth putting in the time and effort to fight the ticket.
You will need to appear in court and submit a not guilty plea to begin fighting the charge. However, if you choose to do so, you could possibly lose the option to accept a plea bargain for lesser penalties.
Additionally, it’s important to remember that failing to appear in court can result in a license suspension and/or a warrant being issued for your arrest.
Enlisting the help of an experienced traffic attorney may provide a better chance to fight a red light ticket. It’s wise to get their professional opinion about your case before entering a plea.

How does a red light camera work?

Sensors installed in traffic lights will trigger the red light camera when a car goes through an intersection on a red light. Photo and/or video footage is captured and records the following information:
  • License plate number
  • Date and time of the incident 
  • Vehicle speed
  • Location
  • Time since the light turned red
Third-party companies are usually responsible for operating the cameras. They send the footage and data to the appropriate agencies so that a ticket can be issued to the red light violator based on the information received.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
conducted a study that concluded a 14% decrease in fatal crashes at intersections in major cities if a red light camera is present. Many states have since legalized the implementation of red light cameras to enforce traffic. However, New Hampshire state laws still prohibit the use of red light cameras for automated traffic enforcement.

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Because red light cameras are illegal in New Hampshire, if you receive a red light camera ticket, you have every reason to be suspicious. The ticket is likely fake. 
To be extra safe, you should contact the court to confirm if the ticket is official. Be sure to look up the phone number separately as the number on the ticket could also be fake.
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