How to Remote Start Your BMW X5

You can start your BMW with the remote start system by clicking the lock button three times on the key fob or using the BMW Connected App.
Written by Andrea Barrett
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To remote start your
, press the lock button three times on the fob (without the light-up display) and wait one second until the engine starts up. You can also activate your remote start through the BMW Connected App or the BMW display key.
On a cold morning, the last thing anyone wants to do is trudge through the snow to start their car. But there’s one feature that’s been a saving grace for all
owners: the remote start system. Since it became a standard feature in 2019, all BMW drivers have had the luxury of starting their car with the click of a button.
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How to remote start your BMW X5

Although you can remote start your BMW X5 from about 250 feet away, we recommend being within 100 feet to ensure it works properly. Before starting your car remotely, you’ll have to activate your remote start system. 

Activating your remote start system

Once you’ve purchased the function from the ConnectedDrive Store using an over-the-air download, just add the Remote Engine Start to your shopping cart, enter your payment details, and confirm the purchase. 
The software will download as you drive. Once the download is complete, you’ll receive an activation message on the vehicle display with options to activate immediately or postpone to a later time. Follow the instructions to activate the remote start feature on your vehicle display. 
After confirming activation, it will take about five minutes to install, during which you must be parked. Before driving, you’ll receive a confirmation of installation. 
Here’s what to do next:
  1. Using your vehicle touchscreen display, navigate to “Car” and then “Settings.”
  2. Scroll to the right, click “Climate Comfort/Control,” and click “Preconditioning/Ventilation."
  3. Click “Remote Engine Start” and then “Starting Engine for Climate Control.”
  4. Click “OK,” and now you can use the feature with your
    key fob

Starting the car

There are two ways to start up your X5 using the remote start system: with the key fob or the BMW Connected App
Using the key fobs:
  • Using the BMW vehicle key: If your key fob does not have a light-up display, quickly press the lock button three times within one second to start your engine.
  • Using the BMW display key: If your key has a touch display, navigate to the “Preconditioning Setting” and click the fan symbol. Then click “Activate Now” and “Engine Start.
Using the BMW Connected App
  1. Select the “Start Climatization” icon on the opening screen
  3. Once your request is completed, you will see a "successfully sent to vehicle" at the bottom of your My BMW app screen.
Once you’ve started your X5 engine, the engine will stay running for 15 minutes before automatically shutting off.

Turning off the engine

  • Press the lock button three times within one second on your key fob to shut the engine off
Turning your car on and off has never been so simple or convenient! If you’ve started your BMW X5 but decided to stay home, follow the exact instructions you used to start the engine to power it down

BMW X5 remote start tips and tricks

Before you test out the most convenient feature on your X5, check out some of these tips for using your BMW remote start feature:
  • Not ready to leave yet? Use the timer feature on your app to select your desired departure time to get your X5 to a comfortable temperature before you hit the road. If things move slower than expected, the system will shut off after 15 minutes
  • If your remote start isn’t working, check that the windows are closed, the doors are locked, the parking brake is engaged, the fuel level is above half, and the check engine light is not on.
  • Only use your X5’s remote start feature in a well-ventilated area—like outside.Do not use it in your garage with the door closed since it will cause a buildup of toxic carbon monoxide.
  • Ensure that your X5 is clear from flammable material before using the remote start. It should go without saying, but combustible material like paper, gasoline, or grease will be disastrous, so ensure it’s in a safe spot before pressing the start button. 
Key Takeaway Before using your X5’s remote start feature, ensure your X5 is in a safe space that’s well ventilated without any combustible materials nearby.
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Which BMW models come with remote start?

The BMW X5 receives excellent safety ratings and is one of BMWs best vehicles, but it’s not the only one with the uber-convenient remote start feature. Models with the iDrive system 7.0, an automatic transmission, and a four or six-cylinder internal combustion engine are remote-start equipped, like the following:
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The remote start feature is available on the 2019 BMX X5 or newer. If you have an older X5 without remote start capabilities, you can purchase an aftermarket remote start package.
Just a few seconds—if you’re within range of your X5, the engine should start within three to five seconds after activation.
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