How to Remove the Second Row Seats from a Honda Accord

You can take out the back row seats from a Honda Accord by removing the bolts—but make sure you follow Jerry’s safety tips!
Written by Zachary Morgan
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Removing the back row seats from a
Honda Accord
is as easy as folding the seats down and unscrewing the bolts holding them in place. First, though, you’ll have to pull up the carpet around the seats with a trim removal tool.
Having passengers is nice and all, but who doesn’t want more storage space in their car? Whether you just bought a new piece of furniture or are packing to move across the country, we bet you’d love just a few extra cubic inches of space. Well, luckily for you, you can free up the entire back row just by removing the seats from your Honda Accord!
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Can you remove the second row of seats from a Honda Accord?

You sure can, as the seats are removable. Before you do, though, there are a few precautions you should take.
Take a look at these safety tips before you start removing the rear seats:
  • Check the airbags. If you still plan on carrying passengers in your backseat once the actual seats are removed, there’s a chance that the Accord’s airbags won’t deploy properly. Tell your passenger to buckle up and check the
    Honda Accord owner’s manual
    to make sure that the airbags are still active.
  • Spruce up the backseat (or where it used to be). After you take the seats out, chances are that there will be some metal brackets or fasteners sticking out. For the sake of safety and aesthetics, think about throwing a tarp, rug, or even just a towel back there.
  • Put the bolts in a Ziploc bag. If you ever decide to reinstall the rear seats, you’re going to need the bolts again. Put them in a bag and put them somewhere you won’t forget them. Maybe the glovebox?
Now that that’s out of the way, it’s time to kick those second-row seats to the curb! Keep in mind that folding the rear seats down is always an option if you just need a little extra space, but more on that later. For now, let’s get to work uninstalling those rear seats.

How to remove the second-row seats from a Honda Accord

To get the rear seats out of your Honda Accord, follow these steps:
  • 1. Pull the release latch and fold the seat down. Ensure that the seat is all the way forward.
  • 2. Pull back on the seat assembly and fold down the seats. Use a trim removal tool to pull up the carpet around the seat so you can release the rivets.
  • 3. Use a socket wrench to unscrew the bolts holding the seat frame. There should be two sets of bolts on each side of the seat. Remove the seat bracket, as well. If it is a powered seat, disconnect the battery before removing the bolts.
  • 4. Remove the seat. You might have to angle it properly to get it out of the car.
And just like that, the second-row seats are gone!
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How do you put the seats down in a Honda Accord?

If you’re just going to pick up a futon or need a little extra room for groceries, folding the seats down might be a better option than fully removing them. 
Here’s the process:
  • 1. Pop the trunk and access the seatback release pulls. There should be two releases on either side of the trunk, next to the deck hinges.
  • 2. Pull straight back on the releases to detach the seatbacks
  • 3. Fold the seatbacks down by pulling them towards the front of the car. You might have to remove the headrests or adjust the position of the front seats.
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Yes, it does! With just a little elbow grease, the second-row seats should come right out.
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