What Does the VW CPO Warranty Cover?

Volkswagen CPO warranties offer up to two years and 24,000 miles of protection for your vehicle’s essential components. Here are the details.
Written by Sarah Gray
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Depending on the model and model year, your certified pre-owned Volkswagen may have a certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty of up to two years and 24,000 miles.
VW recently reduced their new-vehicle warranty coverage from six years/72,000 miles to four years/50,000 miles for all 2020 and newer Volkswagens. For those considering buying a used VW, this means you can get a better deal out of opting for a 2019 or older model—but older model cars can have some of their own issues you may not be in the market for. 
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VW certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty coverage

Volkswagen’s CPO warranty program offers model-specific limited warranty coverage that builds on your VW’s existing bumper-to-bumper warranty. Let’s take a look at the coverage you can expect to find based on your used VW based on its model and year:
CPO warranty
2018 and newer
1-year/12,000 miles
2017 and earlier gas, hybrid, and eGolf models
2-year/24,000 miles
2016 and earlier TDI (diesel)
2-year/unlimited miles, plus the TDI zero-deductible extended emissions warranty
Your used VW’s CPO warranty will kick in when the new vehicle (bumper-to-bumper) warranty expires, ensuring up to two additional years of repairs of defective components or flaws in workmanship. All model-year CPO warranties feature a $50 deductible, except for the 2016 and earlier TDI extended emissions warranty.
No matter what model year you purchase, your VW CPO warranty is fully transferable to another owner, with no charge to you.
Now that we know what the VW CPO warranty is, let’s take a look at what it does: 

What’s covered

A Volkswagen CPO warranty covers the replacement or repair of defective components within the following major vehicle systems:
  • Axles
  • Hubs
  • Suspension
  • Electronics
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Transfer case
  • Fueling
  • HVAC
  • Seals 

What isn’t covered

Your Volkswagen CPO warranty is a near clone of your VW’s original new vehicle warranty, but it’s not an extended vehicle warranty or service contract. There are a lot of parts and some systems that aren’t covered, including:
  • Tires and wheel alignment
  • Interior elements such as trim and carpeting 
  • Basic maintenance 
  • Wear and tear items 
  • Damage caused by misuse or neglect

Additional benefits

In addition to protection for many major component systems and parts, a VW CPO warranty also includes:
  • Two years of 24/7/365 VW Roadside Assistance, which includes lockout services, emergency repairs, fuel delivery, flat tire services, towing, winching, and recovery
  • Three-month trial subscription to Sirius XM radio
  • CARFAX Vehicle History Report with Buyback Guarantee

Is a VW CPO warranty transferable?

Yes. Volkswagen’s CPO warranties are fully transferable with no cost to you or the new owner. This added benefit can significantly increase your car’s resale value.

VW CPO program certification process

It takes more than just a VW badge to qualify for Volkswagen’s CPO program. Before you purchase your CPO VW, it will undergo a comprehensive dealer inspection of more than 100 key points to ensure it meets VW’s exacting standards. Items inspected include:
  • Engine performance for starting issues
  • Transmission performance for malfunction and noise
  • Brakes for proper function and stopping distance
  • Steering for noise, effort, vibration, and pulling
  • Updating per recommended or required maintenance needs
In addition to this multi-point inspection, technicians will pull the vehicle history report to review maintenance and repair history. Vehicles failing any point in this inspection process cannot be sold as CPO vehicles.
This means that when you purchase a vehicle that is certified pre-owned by VW, it’s passed all these inspection points, so you can be sure you’re not going home with a lemon. 
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Are VWs reliable?

Volkswagens have a solidly average reputation for reliability, ranking in the middle of the pack of 32 car brands across most major reporting agencies. 
In fact, only one VW model fell short of earning Consumer Reports’ “recommended” badge for 2022—the Golf GTI. Thanks to reliability issues that have plagued the model for several years, it earned only a 2 out of 5 predicted reliability score.
We’re sure you’re probably wondering which Volkswagen earned the highest marks for reliability, and that VW is the Arteon—at least as far as Consumer Reports is concerned. Reliability is still average at 3 out of 5, but the model scores particularly high in road test ratings (91/100), which helped push it to the front of the pack. 
The Jetta and Passat also ranked highly on Consumer Reports, and both earned 4 out of 5 reliability ratings from RepairPal as well.

Average VW repair costs

Even the most reliable vehicles break down at some point, and that means they’ll need to be repaired. So, just how much should you expect to pay for repairs on a Volkswagen if it’s not under warranty? Let’s find out.
We’ll go back to our trusty friends at RepairPal, who tell us the average annual cost for repairs on a VW is $676. This is right on par with the average cost for vehicles across the industry, which is $652. 
But does the fact that VW annual repair costs are average mean you want to be responsible for them? While a CPO warranty may not cover every repair you’ll need to have performed on your new-to-you Volkswagen, it can take some substantial sting out of the overall annual costs while it's still in effect. 

Our take: Is a VW CPO warranty worth it?

When you have the choice between warranty coverage and none, it’s almost always best to opt for coverage. A Volkswagen CPO warranty may not last as long as CPO warranties on other vehicles, but it can add a year of savings on repair costs you’d otherwise have to pay for out of pocket. That makes it a good deal if you ask us!

How to save on VW insurance costs

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