What Does the Engine Code P0600 Mean?

Engine code P0600 suggests that there’s a communication issue between some of your car’s modules.
Written by Tom Hindle
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If you pick up error code P0600, there’s a connectivity issue in your car’s Engine Control Module (also known as the ECM). It’s usually due to a wiring problem that slows down the speed of communication between different parts of the ECM. 
Diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) are useful code words that refer to specific issues with your car. Chances are, you know your vehicle pretty well, so if there’s something off, you’ll notice it. However, if you get a pesky warning light and don’t know why, you can use an OBD-II sensor to identify the issue—which will likely have a corresponding code. 
The problem here is that there are loads of engine codes, and they’re all hyperspecific. So, to make things easier,
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is compiling a list of all of the most common engine codes and how you can address them. Here's what you need to know about code P0600. 
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What does the engine code P0600 mean?

Definition: Engine Control Module (ECM) communication problem 
A P0600 code indicates that there are communication issues within your car’s ECM. An ECM is a complicated system under the hood that coordinates most of the activities to do with the engine. Unfortunately, some of that wiring can wear down over time and your car’s ECM might not react as quickly. Such issues are identified by a P0600

How much will it cost to fix? 

Most ECM issues are pretty straightforward. Although it’s a complicated system with clever processes and signals, it all revolves around one wiring loop. That means most mechanics will be able to diagnose and address the problem with only an hour of labor cost. Though part prices may vary, you likely won’t be paying more than $150. 

What can cause the P0600 engine code?

A P0600 code usually shows up in response to a low battery voltage. Your car’s battery is responsible for loads of key processes to make sure your car stays on the road. When the battery starts to wear down, some of those crucial parts of driving can falter or fail. Unfortunately, the ECM can be one of the first things to suffer.
However, there could be other issues, too. The ECM relies on a lot of hefty wiring that can degrade over time—usually every 50,000 miles or so. If you’re driving an older car, there’s a chance that the ECM itself is simply faulty and might need a refresh in some areas or even an outright replacement.

Common symptoms of the P0600 engine code

The issue with P0600 codes is that there aren’t any obvious signs that there’s anything wrong with your ECM. You probably won’t know anything’s wrong until you see the engine warning light flash.
It’s crucial that you respond to any warning lights as quickly as possible, though. And for potentially serious issues, such as an ECM failure, waiting to go see a mechanic is not advised. 

How serious is the P0600 engine code? 

P0600 codes can have a range of degrees of severity. Sometimes there might be an ECM issue and you won’t know at all. That being said, there could be more serious problems linked to the ECM. Some cars will run slowly, accelerate poorly, or maybe not even start at all. 
ECM malfunctions have also been connected to anti-lock brake failure, which can put you and your passengers in danger. 

Can I fix the P0600 engine code myself?

It’s always nice to know your DTCs so you can identify problems yourself. However, just because you know what the issue is doesn’t mean you’re able to fix it. Unless you happen to be a proper mechanic, you should leave the repairs to someone who fixes cars for a living. 
Still, there are some steps you can take. If you register the P0600 code, you can lift up the hood and check out the wiring to see if any pins are bent or if some wires look eroded or damaged. At the very least, it should give your mechanic a head start.

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