GMC Sierra Hood Release

You can open the hood of a GMC Sierra with a tug on the hood release lever inside the cabin and the secondary release lever at the front of the truck.
Written by Jasmine Kanter
Reviewed by Kaitlin May
To open the hood of your GMC Sierra, you’ll need to locate two important parts: the hood release lever and the secondary release lever.
Have you ever gone to the doctor and been told to open wide? Similarly, if you want to perform an
oil change
(or a
car repair
) on your trusty pick-up, you’ll need to take a look inside. Here’s how to open the hood of a GMC Sierra so you can keep it running smoothly for the long haul.

Where is the hood release on a GMC Sierra?

The hood release lever on a GMC Sierra is on the lower left side of the instrument panel. It’s a small plastic rectangle with an icon of a car with its hood popped—just feel around for it and tug at it!
There’s also a secondary release lever at the front of the car, centered over the emblem on the grille and just under the rim of the hood. You’ll need this lever to release the hood safety latch.
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How to open the hood on a GMC Sierra

There are three steps to opening the hood of a Sierra, which we’ve drawn from the official
GMC owner's manuals
  • Pull the hood release lever
  • Push the secondary release lever to the right
  • Open the hood and prop it up
New Sierras have gas shocks that take over lifting the hood once it’s halfway open. They’ll keep it in place while you work. Before closing the hood, ensure you’ve replaced any loose filler caps and removed your tools. 
Firmly pull down the hood until the strut system is no longer engaged, then allow the panel to fall and shut itself. If the latch is loose, the Driver Information Center (DIC) will display a warning message when you start up the truck.

How to repair the GMC Sierra hood release 

Hood stuck? Not opening? Not closing? To help you troubleshoot, we’re going to go over the most important parts of a
car hood latch
and what can go wrong:
What to look for
Potential problems
Objects on the hood
Hood is weighed down
Deep dents, warping, or rust
The hood is too deformed to open
Hood release lever
Lever won’t move
Release lever is stuck. The attached cable is caught or rusted
Hood release lever
Lever moves freely without any weight to it
Attached cable is cut or disconnected
Catch doesn’t move
Hood latch is rusted, misaligned, or caught
Catch moves freely but the hood doesn’t open
End of the catch has been snapped off inside lock
Hood opens with difficulty
Knowing there’s an issue with the hood release is one thing—and getting it repaired is another. The cost of fixing a
hood latch that won’t open
depends on two factors: the model and trim of your truck and the part (or parts) that need replacing. Fixing a broken cable, for example, will cost $150 to $175 for parts alone. An entirely new hood latch will run you between $100 and $350 before labor and taxes.
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