How Much Does a BMW Tune-Up Cost?

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The average BMW tune-up cost is between $200 and $400, but if you need the full service and oil change, this price can go up to over $500. BMW recommends taking your car for a tune-up every 10,000 miles or every year.
BMW produces some of the most popular luxury and high-performance vehicles. You probably love your Bimmer; however, they tend to be pretty expensive to repair and maintain. While tune-ups are part of its expense, regularly getting your BMW tuned up can help to prevent more significant issues from building up.
If you are unfamiliar with tune-ups, curious about how much to expect the BMW maintenance to cost, or want to learn more about maintaining your BMW, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article,
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How much does a BMW tune-up cost?

For a basic tune-up, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400. Your specific BMW tune-up cost will vary considerably, though, based on where you live, what model you drive, where you go for the service, and what services you need to do on the day.
If you end up in the shop needing an oil change, spark plug replacement, belt changes, and the whole nine yards, then your tune-up can easily exceed $500.
Unless you have a go-to mechanic, getting a few quotes is usually a good idea before choosing where to take your BMW for a tune-up. Local shops are a bit cheaper than dealerships for parts and labor. However, dealerships give you peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best parts and a mechanic with lots of experience working on BMWs.

What does a BMW tune-up include?

Here is a list of the services you can expect during a typical tune-up:
  • Inspection or replacement of filters, caps, and spark plugs
  • Inspection or replacement of fluids, hoses, belts, and connectors
  • Vacuum test to check for air leaks in the engine
  • An emissions test to make sure your exhaust output is up to EPA standards
  • OBD-II scan for any fault codes
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How often should I get a BMW tune-up?

BMW recommends taking your car in for a basic tune-up every 10,000 miles, which on average works out to about once per year
This is just a rule of thumb given by the manufacturer though. You might be able to push things like spark plug changes longer if they are in good shape, or you might want to replace your oil or other fluids more frequently, depending on their condition. 
The best advice is to listen for signs or symptoms that your BMW is running sub-optimally. Regularly check your fluids and any other parts that you are confident inspecting yourself, and look out for the following signs that it might be time for a tune-up:
  • The
    check engine light
    turns on
  • Fuel efficiency gets worse
  • Your car accelerates slower
  • Your car won’t start, struggles to start, or experiences other electrical malfunctions 
  • Strange sounds start coming from the engine bay

Why do I need to tune up my BMW?

The short answer is that tune-ups keep your car running smoothly. The main reason for keeping up with tune-ups is to:
  • Optimize performance: Tune-ups will not only help your engine run at peak performance and power but also help improve your fuel efficiency. After a tune-up, your car’s mileage can improve by as much as 10%.
  • Prevent unnecessary wear: Driving with old fluids can cause excess wear and tear on your engine, shortening its lifespan.
  • Reduce the risk of breaking down: By regularly inspecting and changing spark plugs, belts, and the battery, you significantly reduce the risk of one of these more temporary components failing to leave you stranded on the road.
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How much does it cost to maintain a BMW?

BMWs are one of the more expensive brands to maintain. According to RepairPal, the average annual cost for maintaining a BMW is $968, about 50% more expensive than the average across brands of $652 per year.
That said, each BMW model has slightly different annual repair costs. Here is a comparison of five of the most popular BMW models:

What’s covered under BMW’s Ultimate Care?

If you just bought or leased a new BMW from a licensed dealership, then you might not have to pay for maintenance at all (at least for a while).
BMW Ultimate Care includes coverage for maintenance, repairs, and roadside assistance for the following time/miles:
  • 4-year/50,000-mile basic warranty
  • 3-year/36,000-mile maintenance program
  • 4-year roadside assistance, no mileage limit
Of course, you can always opt for extensions to these warranties and care plans by opting for an extended warranty and/or the Ultimate Care Plus to extend these limits.
MORE: Six pros and cons of extended car warranties

How to keep BMW maintenance costs down

If you don’t have a maintenance plan, then you can still take action to reduce your maintenance costs. Following these small practices can make a big impact on keeping your
car repair
costs down:
  • Practice
    safe driving
    : Preventing issues is always better than treating them. By accelerating slowly, braking carefully, and avoiding bumpy roads, you can keep your engine, brakes, tires, and suspension in the best possible condition.
  • Stay on top of regular maintenance: As mentioned above, keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule can reduce unnecessary wear and tear. Remember, a BMW tune-up costs around $300, but a new engine can run you well over $5,000.
  • Learn some DIY repairs: Of course, the more repairs and replacements you can do yourself, the more you can save on labor costs at your mechanic.

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Yes. BMWs are one of the most expensive car brands to repair, costing an average of $968 per year to maintain, more than $300 higher than the industry average.
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff.
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