How Much Does a Volkswagen Tune-Up Cost?

Volkswagen tune-ups generally cost between $200 and $350, but exact costs vary greatly depending on which model you have.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Volkswagen tune-ups, on average, cost between $200 and $350 depending on your specific model. You should get your Volkswagen tuned up every 5,000 miles driven or every six months—whichever comes first. 
If you own a car, an occasional tune-up is essential. Not only will it help your car last longer, but regular tune-ups are also a great way to spot early signs of engine damage before it becomes crazy expensive to fix.
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How much does a Volkswagen tune-up cost?

When you take your Volkswagen in for a tune-up, you can expect it to cost you anywhere between $200 and $350. Like with many other car repairs, just how much you pay depends on a myriad of factors, including where you live, the shop you choose to go to, and what kind of Volkswagen you’ve got. 
A Volkswagen Golf typically costs about $209 for a tune-up, while a spiffier Jetta is at the higher end of the spectrum at $357. Interestingly enough, the Tiguan, one of the larger vehicles made by the German automaker, costs $271 to tune up. 
To make sure you don’t wind up overpaying for your tune-up, we’d recommend getting at least three quotes before you decide which mechanic to go to. Or, if you want added peace of mind that your mechanic is using Volkswagen-approved parts and fluids, you should
take it to your local dealership

What does a Volkswagen tune-up include?

We’ve mentioned tune-ups a couple of times now…but what exactly does the service entail? Simply put, a tune-up is meant to extend your car’s lifespan and keep its engine shipshape. Here’s what you can expect a mechanic to do during a tune-up
  • Install new spark plugs 
  • Clean and visually expect the engine 
  • Install new air and fuel filters 
  • Clean the fuel injectors, throttle body, and throttle plate 
  • Clean and flush the fuel system
  • Inspect and replace belts and hoses 
  • Use an
    OBD scanner
    to scan for error codes 
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How often should I get a Volkswagen tuned up?

Volkswagen recommends that you get your car tuned up every 5,000 miles. Which, for the average driver, shakes out to about every six months.
That being said, you may have to get your car tuned up a little ahead of schedule, depending on how it’s driving. If and when you begin to notice any of the following, it’s probably time to have a professional take a look at your Volkswagen:

Why do I need to tune up my Volkswagen?

We could go on and on about the importance of a Volkswagen tune-up, we can boil it down to just three reasons:  improving performance, preventing major breakdowns, and staying safe.
  • Improving performance: It’s pretty simple—a well taken care of vehicle will run better than one that’s been neglected. Driving with new oil, fresh spark plugs, etc. will keep your engine running at its best, which can also help get you better gas mileage (and cause you to pay less at the pump!). 
  • Preventing major breakdowns: Let’s look at the numbers. An oil change costs about $50 while replacing your engine can cost you anywhere between $4,000 up to $10,000. Sure, it may be a hassle to take your car in every six months, but doing so can help prevent more costly repairs in the long run.  
  • Staying safe: A car that runs smoother is safer to drive. That, and you won’t run the risk of having a
    car breakdown
    when you’re out on the road. 

How much does it cost to maintain a Volkswagen?

According to data from RepairPal, it costs an average of $678 a year to maintain a Volkswagen. This is slightly above the industry average of $652 per year. With Volkswagens, some models are comfortably below the industry average, while others are head and shoulders above. 
Here’s what some of Volkswagen’s most popular vehicles cost in yearly maintenance: 

What’s covered under Volkswagen’s complimentary maintenance plan?

If looking at the yearly repair costs is making your head spin—fret not! New Volkswagen owners can enjoy free repairs courtesy of Volkswagen’s warranty program. 
Volkswagens come with a factory warranty of 4 years/50,000 miles. This means that for years of Volkswagen ownership or after you drive 50,000 miles (whichever comes first), you can get complimentary oil and filter changes, tire rotations, inspections, and more. 
Some parts of a Volkswagen, however, have a shorter warranty period on them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s covered and how long it’s covered for:
  • 4-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty 
  • 4-year/50,000-mile powertrain warranty 
  • 3-year/36,000-mile battery warranty 
  • 1-year/12,000-mile parts and accessory warranty 
  • 8-year/80,000 miles federal emission warranty 
But, if those numbers don’t quite do it for you, you can always purchase an extended car warranty for some extra protection. 

How to keep Volkswagen maintenance costs down

When it comes to keeping maintenance costs down, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s actually quite a bit you can do to keep them affordable. Here are a couple of our favorite (and most effective!) tips:
  • Practice
    safe driving
    : By avoiding bumpy roads, hairpin turns, and slamming on your gas and brakes, you can help keep your engine running smoother—and for longer. 
  • Keep up with a
    car maintenance schedule
    : The more you make a habit of taking look under the hood, the more likely you’ll be able to stop a potential engine problem right in its tracks. 
  • Don’t be afraid to handle some
    car repairs
    yourself: Although some engine repair is best left in the hands of a professional, there are plenty of things you can do on your own with just some simple material (and maybe a YouTube tutorial to walk you through it). 
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On average, it costs about $678 a year to maintain a Volkswagen, which is about $20 higher than the industry average.
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