2019 Silverado Bolt Pattern

We’ve got the intel you need on your 2019 Silverado’s bolt pattern like stud size, wheel size, offset, and a guide for how to measure the pattern yourself.
Written by Natalie Todoroff
Reviewed by Melanie Mergen
The 2019 Silverado has a bolt pattern of 6x5.5, or 6 on 5.5. This means that each wheel of your truck has six bolts arranged in a circle with a 5.5-inch diameter. 
In any given year, you’re likely to spot the Chevrolet Silverado at the top of a “Most Popular Trucks in America” list. Although it jockeys with other industry titans like the Ford F-150 and Ram 1500, the Silverado is a consistent top-seller and fan-favorite option. 
Arguably, the only thing that can give this truck a little more “oomph” is customizing it to your liking—like getting it a brand-new pair of wheels. But before you pick out your favorite pair, you’ll first need to get acquainted with your 2019 Silverado’s bolt pattern and a couple of other important figures.
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2019 Silverado bolt pattern

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado has a bolt pattern of 6x5.5, which is read aloud as “six on five point five.”
Chevrolet bolt patterns
, and all other ones, in fact, are written like so: 
# of bolts x diameter of the circle they form
So, what does this mean for the 2019 Silverado? It’s simple: every wheel of the 2019 Silverado has six bolts, and these bolts are arranged in a circle 5.5 inches in diameter. Oh, and don’t get tripped up if someone says “lug pattern” instead of “bolt pattern”—they mean the exact same thing. 
Congrats—now you have a solid grasp on your bolt pattern! But that’s not the only figure you’ll need to know when shopping for a new set of wheels for your 2019 Silverado. 
The wheel size, stud size, offset, center bore, and wheel tightening torque specifications are all essential to buying wheels that are guaranteed to fit your truck: 
  • Factory wheel size: 17” to 18”
  • Stud size: 14 x 1.5 (14mm stud threading and 1.5mm thread spacing) 
  • Offset: 20 to 40mm
  • Center bore: 78.1mm
  • Wheel tightening torque: 190 Nm

How to measure your Silverado’s bolt pattern

If you’ve got all the info above on hand, you should have no problem shopping for new wheels for your 2019 Silverado. But if you draw a blank and can’t recall what your bolt pattern is, or you want to learn how to measure it yourself to flex on your friends, here’s how to measure it for yourself. 
To do it, you’ll need a measuring tape (or even just a 12-inch ruler will work in a pinch). Select any bolt and measure the distance from the center of the lug hole to the center of the opposite one. That measurement will give you the diameter of your circle. Put it together with the number of bolts, and voila! You’ve just successfully measured your bolt pattern. 
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A 2019 Chevy Silverado’s bolt pattern is 6x5.5: six bolts set in a circle with a 5.5-inch diameter. 
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