What to Do If Your 2016 Honda Odyssey Trunk Won’t Open

If your 2016 Honda Odyssey trunk won’t open, it might be because of an issue with the rear hatch motor.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
If your 2016 Honda Odyssey trunk won’t open, the most common cause is usually an issue with the rear hatch motor that powers the tailgate. Unfortunately, when this happens, it can be impossible to manually open the trunk.
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What to do if your 2016 Honda Odyssey trunk won’t open

If your 2016 Odyssey’s trunk won’t open using the key fob or trunk latch, you can do some troubleshooting before you head to your local Honda dealer. Here are some potential problems and solutions.

Most common cause: power tailgate malfunction

As our vehicles become ever more technically impressive and automated, it’s easy to forget that sometimes the simplest approach is the best. This is particularly the case when it comes to issues like power tailgates not working properly. Unfortunately, this is an issue that seems to happen all too often to the 2016 Honda Odyssey.
Of course, it’s nice to be able to click a button and have the tailgate open, but what happens when it just… doesn’t? It opens with the key fob, a button on the dashboard, and a button on the door itself, but sometimes none of these will work. This can be an issue when the car has powered down, in particular.
A major flaw in the design of this feature on the Odyssey is that there is no obvious alternative to open the tailgate when the automated approach isn’t working. If you do a little digging, though, you can manually open the tailgate from inside by removing a cover to find a small metal lever that opens the door when pushed to the right (while also pushing the door outward). 
Other people have found that the tailgate can be affected by cold temperatures, and this is even a problem on versions of the 2016 Odyssey that don’t have the power tailgate functionality. This can usually be resolved with some lubricant.

Other possible causes

If the power tailgate isn’t showing signs of malfunctioning but the trunk still isn’t opening, you might be dealing with other issues. Here are a few possible causes to look for: 
  • Broken key fob: If you can open the trunk using the switches on the driver-side door or the trunk itself, your key fob may be to blame. 
  • Broken latch: If you can hear the actuator working but the trunk lid isn’t unlocking, the trunk latch itself may be broken. 
  • Faulty door switch: If only your key fob will open the trunk, the driver’s door switch or trunk switch could be broken. 
  • Electrical malfunction: A blown fuse, failing actuator, or faulty wiring harness could be to blame for your trunk issue. 
  • Not holding the button down long enough: Cars and minivans can be mysterious creatures and sometimes simply holding the button down for a few seconds can make it work. Just don’t ask us why.
If you are still having issues with the tailgate opening, the best bet is to take your Odyssey to a dealership where an automotive diagnostic specialist can identify and repair the problem. They’ll check out the door locks, fuse box, electrical systems, and any other components that could be causing your woes.
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How to manually open a 2016 Honda Odyssey trunk

Going to the dealership is usually the best way to get issues resolved with your trunk (or any other part of your Honda minivan). But if you just need to get into—or get something out of—the trunk right now, what can you do? 
We’ve already mentioned this method of manually opening the trunk, but be warned, it is a bit of a nuisance. For one thing, you need to be inside the trunk to make it happen. But here’s what you’ll need to do: 
  • Find a cover on the inside of the tailgate door.
  • Remove it carefully with a screwdriver or other tool for leverage.
  • Push the metal lever inside to the right.
  • Push the tailgate door outwards.
And this should open your tailgate and give you access to your trunk. However, for the inconvenience, it’s not something we’d recommend you rely on for day-to-day usage. Especially if you need to clamber over your groceries to do it.

Cost of trunk repair for 2016 Honda Odyssey

The cost of repairing your Odyssey’s trunk could vary depending on the exact nature of the problem as well as your location. 
A replacement lock latch, for instance, will cost you around $51 for the part alone. However, the cost of labor to replace it might add up to $120. A lock actuator can run to around $249 for the part and over $300 when you include labor costs.
In most cases, Odyssey trunk repairs are fairly affordable. However, if you need to replace the whole tailgate because it has become damaged in an accident, that can cost between $800 and $1,000. Having a good Honda Odyssey insurance policy that includes
collision insurance
comprehensive coverage
can help protect you from those scary repair bills! 
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How to save on Honda Odyssey insurance

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