2015 Nissan Versa Engine Oil Capacity

The 2015 Nissan Versa’s oil capacity is 3.7 quarts (3.5 liters).
Written by Jennifer Justice
The 2015 Nissan Versa gives you a roomy sedan that delivers on performance while being affordable. To keep your Versa running for years to come, you’ll want to know more about the engine’s oil capacity, which is 3.7 quarts (3.5 liters). 
Sedans give you a lot in a not-so-small package, but the costs still add up, including regular maintenance. You can save money on those maintenance costs by changing the oil yourself. But before you do, make sure you know what your 2015 Nissan Versa’s owner’s manual says about what type of oil to use and how much. 
Owning a high-end vehicle can come with added expenses, from pricier
to costly maintenance fees. But if you own a 2015 Nissan Versa, you can cut your mechanic bills by changing the oil at home—just be sure to check your owner’s manual first for the correct oil type and capacity. 
Of course, that means figuring out where you left the manual, so if you don’t have the time to dig around for it, let us help you out. We’ve got the specs you need to help you change the oil on your Versa!
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2015 Nissan Versa engine oil capacity

First, you want to know how much oil a 2015 Nissan Versa uses.
This Versa model has a 109-hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine and uses 3.7 quarts (3.5 liters). Keep in mind that oil capacity is different from the engine’s displacement, the 1.6 liter, which is how much volume the cylinders use. Oil capacity and engine displacement are two different things.

What kind of oil does a 2015 Nissan Versa need?

Beyond how much oil you need, be careful about what type of oil you use—each engine requires a specific kind of oil to ensure the best performance. For your 2015 Nissan Versa, you want to find full synthetic SAE 5W-30 oil with an API Certification Seal for Gasoline Engines, especially
Genuine Nissan 5W-30 oil
. Nissan recommends this oil for your 2015 Versa because it keeps the engine running at its best. 
OK, so what does SAE 5W-30 mean? The numbers give you important information on the oil’s viscosity, or how thick it is, while the “W” refers to Winter. The 5 lets you know this oil works down to -22°F, and the 30 means it can go up to 86°F, so it’s suitable for a variety of weather. The SAE refers to the Society of Automotive Engineers, a group that created the standard method for rating engine oil.
You want to follow Nissan’s recommendations by using this oil type since it can stand up to a good temperature range, so it will work well in most climates and seasons. Full synthetic oil has its advantages, like being able to perform better in both the cold and the heat, while it also creates less buildup, so it means less wear on the engine. 
Synthetic also means it was created in a lab instead of relying on refined mineral oil, so the manufacturer can control what the oil does more easily than regular oil, such as making it less likely to break down. Nissan includes a couple of options for you to use:
The main thing to keep in mind is that the brand is less important than the specific oil type (synthetic) and rating (5W-30)—you can use any premium oil as long as it meets the same viscosity ratings.

How often to change oil on a 2015 Nissan Versa

The next question is how often you need to
change your oil
If you opt for regular oil, you want to aim for every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Even if you don’t drive your Versa a lot, you want to get the oil changed every six months to keep your engine running. However, since Nissan recommends full synthetic SAE 5W-30 for your 2015 Versa, you can wait up to every 7,500 to 10,000 miles between oil changes.
Still, you want to keep an eye on your specific Versa since how you drive your vehicle makes a difference. Get in the habit of checking the oil about once a month or every other time you need to fuel your Versa. You can also watch out for signs that it’s time:
  • The engine oil looks dark brown or black instead of a light brown or amber color
  • The oil looks gritty when you check it
  • Your engine starts making odd noises
  • You begin noticing unpleasant smells, like burning
  • Your Versa loses performance, like the engine doesn’t run as well or gets hotter than normal

How to change your oil and oil filter

If you need to change the oil, then be sure to have a few items on hand before starting. You’ll want the following:
The first thing is to warm the engine up, so run your Versa until it reaches the normal operating temperature (about five minutes), then turn the sedan off. Next, you’ll pop the hood, then do the following:
  • Take off the oil fill cap
  • Once you’re under the Versa, take off the drain plug (turn counterclockwise)—make sure you have the drain pan under it since  the oil will start draining right away
  • Take out the old filter (be ready for oil to drain out) and make sure the old gasket didn’t stay behind
  • Wipe off the oil filter seal on the engine where the new filter will go
  • Once the oil is done draining, wipe the gasket on the new filter with a small amount of oil, then install the new filter—tighten it to 11 - 15 lb-ft
  • Put the drain bolt back on with the new washer and tighten it to 22 - 29  lb-ft
  • Add the new oil and put the fill cap back on
You’ll want to run your engine for about 30 seconds to let the new filter start doing its thing, then check to make sure there’s enough oil with the dipstick in case you need to add more. Watch out for leaks, but if everything is fine, the
oil pressure light
on the dashboard should switch off.
And now for the cleanup. You’ll want to place the used oil in a sealed container and take it to a local recycling center to dispose of it. Don't toss it in your trash or dump it on the ground since it’s a fire and safety hazard.
And that’s about it. Regular
car maintenance
helps your Versa run at its best and keep it going for a lot longer, plus you’ll save money in the long run.
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