How to Find a 2015 Honda Pilot Radio Code

To find your 2015 Honda Pilot radio code, check your glove compartment or look it up online using your VIN.
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
You can find a 2015 Honda Pilot radio code on the stickers inside the glove box and in your owner’s manual. If you don’t see those, you can always look the code up online using your radio’s serial number and your Honda’s VIN. 
If your car battery died or was disconnected, you may have powered it back up only to find that you were locked out of your car radio. When this happens, the radio will prompt you to enter a code before it turns back on.
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Why your 2015 Honda Pilot needs a radio code

It might seem strange to enter a code whenever your radio loses power. As annoying as this process can be, it does have a practical purpose.
Car radios are one of the most commonly stolen components in any vehicle. They are fairly easy to remove and resell. Plus, they're worth a decent amount of money, making them attractive targets for petty thieves. 
To discourage potential thieves, car manufacturers have developed the radio code system, rendering your radio useless if it has been removed and you do not have the code. This goes a long way toward preventing vehicle break-ins and radio thefts.
However, like any security measure, radio codes can be just as much of a hindrance as a help if you don't know the code.
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How to find your 2015 Honda Pilot radio code

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to recover the radio code for a 2015 Honda Pilot. It’s recorded in several places in your car, and you can look it up on Honda's website.
Before you go through all of that, though, there's a very good chance you might be able to unlock your radio even without the radio code. Most of the time, if you just press and hold down the power button on your radio for two seconds, the radio will reset. When you turn it back on, it will be working normally again.
If that doesn't work, check inside your glove compartment. On one side, you should see a decal sticker with several pieces of important information, such as your radio unit's serial number and its radio code
The radio code is a five-digit number that should be clearly labeled as: “Anti-Theft Radio Code.” If for any reason, the sticker is not there, you can find the same information inside your Honda’s owner’s manual.
Once you have the five-digit radio code, enter it into your radio. It should then unlock without any further complications.

How to look up a 2015 Honda Pilot radio code

If resetting the radio does not work, you are unable to find the sticker in your glove box, and you no longer have your owner's manual, there's still an easy way to recover your radio code.
Honda's website
, there is a page specifically for radio code recovery. To look up your code on the site, you’ll need to have your Honda Pilot’s
vehicle identification number
(VIN) and your radio’s serial number.
You can find your VIN on your insurance card, on the driver-side door jamb, underneath the windshield directly in front of the steering wheel, on your vehicle registration, and on most other official documents concerning your car.
You can find the radio’s serial number in your owner's manual or by following these steps:
  • Press and hold down the one preset and the six preset buttons on your radio at the same time.
  • While holding one and six, turn the key in your ignition to the ON position, but do not start the engine.
  • The radio display will then display the serial number.
Once you have the VIN and the serial number, looking up your radio code on the Honda website will be very simple.
If all else fails, you can always call 1-800-999-1009 to schedule an appointment at the nearest Honda-certified dealer or auto shop. There, they should be able to help you get your radio unlocked. 

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