2014 Ford Focus 2.0 Engine Oil Capacity

The 2014 Ford Focus 2.0 has an oil capacity of 4.5 quarts. Find out all about your Ford’s oil needs from Jerry!
Written by Patrick Price
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The 2014 Ford Focus 2.0 has an engine oil capacity of 4.5 quarts, but you’ll need quite a bit more information before you can change your oil yourself. 
Owning any car—including a 2014 Ford Focus 2.0—means dealing with an endless stream of maintenance and upkeep expenses. One of the most fundamental maintenance tasks is changing the oil. You could pay $30-$50 every time your Ford needs new oil. Or, you could learn how to change it yourself with a little help from
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In this article, we’ll go over everything you’ll need to know in order to change your own oil—from its engine oil capacity and oil type to how often you should change the oil. Then, we’ll drop some tips for saving big on your
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2014 Ford Focus 2.0 engine oil capacity

Before you can start changing the oil in your 2014 Ford Focus 2.0, you’ll need to know just how much oil it needs.
The 2014 Ford Focus has an engine oil capacity of 4.5 quarts. Each time you change your oil, you’ll need to completely drain the old oil and add 4.5 quarts of fresh oil. 
Since motor oil is usually sold by the quart, you’ll need to buy a full 5 quarts for each oil change. 

What kind of oil does a 2014 Ford Focus 2.0 need?

In addition to the amount of oil your Ford needs, you’ll also need to know what kind of oil it uses. There are many different types of motor oil, and they’re defined by their various viscosity ratings
For your 2014 Ford Focus 2.0, you’ll need full-synthetic motor oil with a viscosity rating of 5W-20
Viscosity, which just means thickness, is measured in two ways: how thick the oil is at 0°F, which is referred to as “cold start” or “winter temperature”, and how thick the oil is at 212°F, which is referred to as “normal operating temperature.” 
As long as you buy a full-synthetic 5W-20 oil, you should be good to go. Some of our top brand recommendations include: 
  • Optimal choice: Ford recommends using
    Motorcraft 5W-20
    oil for your Ford Focus.
  • For high-mileage vehicles: For cars that have been well-used, the 5W-20 oil for high-mileage cars made by Pennzoil is a great option. 
  • Best on a budget: If you’re just looking for the most affordable way to keep your Ford running, consider using
    STP Dexos 5w-20
    —it’s significantly cheaper than other brands of similar quality. 

How often to change the oil in a 2014 Ford Focus 2.0

Next, you’ll need to know when to actually change your Ford’s oil. It’s recommended that you change your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. In reality, though, you probably won’t need to change it that often, unless you’ve been using traditional oil (as opposed to synthetic). 
If you’ve been good about only using fully-synthetic motor oil, you shouldn’t need to change it more often than every 7,500 miles.
Of course, it will sometimes happen that you have to change your oil early. You should change your oil as soon as possible if you ever notice any of the following issues: 
  • The oil is black (or very dark brown). It should be a bright tan or amber  
  • The oil is gritty, course, or has visible debris in it
  • Your engine is producing unfamiliar smells or making a strange noises

How to change your oil and oil filter

When the time for an oil change does come around you’ll want to be prepared. That means having 4.5 quarts of fresh motor oil on hand. You’ll also need to have a socket wrench, a filter wrench, and a drain pan. 
If you have everything you need, we can get started. To change your oil and oil filter, just follow these steps: 
  • Start the engine of your Ford, let it warm up for a few minutes, and then shut it off.
  • Move around to the front of the car and open the hood. Locate the oil fill cap and remove the cap.
  • From underneath the engine, locate the oil drain bolt. You’ll need to remove it in order for the old oil to drain out—just make sure to position the drain pan directly underneath it first. 
  • The oil will take a few minutes to fully drain. While it’s doing that, use your filter wrench to remove the old oil filter
  • Once the oil has finished draining, install a fresh oil filter, reattach the drain bolt, and then refill the engine’s oil using your fresh motor oil.
  • Finally, replace the oil fill cap. Run the engine for a few minutes to check for leaks then shut it off. Close the hood, and congratulate yourself on a job well done! 
Once you’re all finished, it’s important to dispose of the old oil properly. You’ll need to pour it into a sealable container and take it to a recycling center or participating auto parts store. Failure to do so is actually illegal. 

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