How to Find a 2002 Honda Accord Radio Code

Your 2002 Honda Accord’s radio code can be found in the glove box, though you might not need it if you can manually reset your radio.
Written by Matt Terzi
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Your 2002 Honda Accord radio code can be found on a sticker inside your glove box or owner’s manual. If you can’t find it there, you’ll need to use your car’s VIN and the head unit’s serial number to find the code online, or get help from your local Honda dealer. 
  • If your Honda Accord’s radio display prompts you to input a radio code, resetting it may get your radio working.
  • Your Honda Accord’s radio code is located on a sticker in your glove box or your owner’s manual.
  • You can also use your VIN number and radio serial number to look up your Accord’s radio code online, by calling Honda, or by visiting a Honda dealer.
  • New Hondas aren’t often targeted for radio theft, but radio codes help keep sound systems in older models secure.

You can likely restart your radio without a code

Before you start looking for your Honda Accord’s radio code, try this:
  • Press and hold your radio's power button for two or more seconds: This should reset your radio, and it'll work in most but not all instances.

How to find your 2002 Honda Accord radio code

If this didn’t work and your radio still demands a radio code:
  • Check inside your glove box for a white sticker that says Anti-Theft Radio Code: You might also find it in your car’s owner’s manual. This is a five-digit numerical code without letters.
The bottom line: You may not need your radio code to unlock your Accord’s sound system. But if resetting it doesn’t work, you can usually find your radio code in your glovebox or owner’s manual.

How to look up a 2002 Honda Accord radio code

If you can’t find your radio code in either of the above locations, getting the radio code will take a couple more steps. You’ll need:
You’ll find the VIN number on the car’s dashboard, stamped so it can be seen from the outside looking in or in the driver’s side door jamb. You can also find it on your insurance card. 
To get the radio’s serial number:
  • Turn the car on. 
  • Press radio preset buttons one and six simultaneously while turning on the radio. 
  • The five-digit serial number that appears is your radio's serial number. 
  • Write that down or snap a photo of it on your phone.
With the VIN and the radio’s serial number in hand, you can now find your 2002 Honda Accord’s radio code in one of three ways:
  • Call 1-800-999-1009.
  • Visit any Honda Dealership  or Honda Service Center and ask their certified technicians for help. You may want to look up your local dealer’s phone number and give them a call to find out if you need to set up a service appointment first.

Why your 2002 Honda Accord needs a radio code

Newer Hondas with modern infotainment centers aren’t seeing many car radio thefts these days, but older vehicle models without these integrated screens are still targeted by criminals, making car stereos among the most commonly stolen components in cars.
Radio codes help curb these thefts. 
They’re a security feature that renders a car stereo useless without an unlock code that corresponds precisely to your vehicle. When the radio is removed from the car, or the car battery gets disconnected or replaced, no one can use the radio in your vehicle or any other. 
While this helps prevent break-ins and radio thefts, it's pretty annoying to drivers that have to deal with it. Thankfully, finding the Honda Accord audio system code is pretty straightforward.
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