1991 Ford Ranger Fuel Filter Location

The 1991 Ford Ranger fuel filter is located on the driver’s side frame rail. Grab your safety glasses and learn how to change it here.
Written by Bonnie Stinson
The 1991 Ford Ranger fuel filter is located on the inside of the driver’s side frame rail. It’s a pretty affordable part, if you prefer to replace it yourself, but you should expect to get dirty in the process.
If you’re still driving a truck from the 1990s, we doff our caps to you. The Ford Ranger is a nostalgic, sturdy pickup that will easily last for decades with the proper care. Part of this maintenance is taking care of the fuel system, including the fuel filter.
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Where is the fuel filter on a 1991 Ford Ranger?

The fuel filter is always located between the engine and the fuel tank, to filter out any gunk from the gasoline so that nothing bad can enter and damage the engine.
In a 1991 Ford Ranger, the fuel filter location is under the vehicle behind a metal guard, mounted on the inside of the driver’s side frame rail. It’s secured by a round bracket, and there is one fuel line coming out of each end of the filter. It looks a bit like an old-school soda can.
The fuel filter plays a critical role in keeping your Ranger running smoothly. It prevents any contaminants and debris from getting into the engine. This part is intended to last for the lifetime of your vehicle, but you may need to replace it on an older car—or if you notice symptoms of a clogged fuel filter. 

Signs of a clogged fuel filter

The Check Engine Light may indicate a clogged fuel filter, but there are several other common indicators that point to filter problems:
  • Engine misfiring or sputtering
  • Stalling out
  • Smelly exhaust
  • Difficult starting the car
  • Slow acceleration
Not only are some of these symptoms annoying, but a bad fuel filter also reduces your fuel economy. You’ll spend more on gas with a clogged fuel filter—and your emissions will be higher than they should be. Replace it when necessary. 

1991 Ford Ranger fuel filter replacement

You can buy a new fuel filter at an auto shop for about $10. Once you have a new filter ready to go, you can begin the replacement process. 
Remember to wear appropriate protective gear, including safety glasses. Fuel may spray out when working with the lines.
Start by placing a gas catch pan beneath the vehicle and removing the gas cap. It’s helpful to disable the fuel pump fuse, too. 
Then, use your fuel line quick-disconnect tool and insert it inside the end of the fuel line that is connected to the fuel filter port. Press until the line unlocks. Then, you can remove the fuel line from the port. Repeat this process on the other fuel line. 
Now, you can remove the old fuel filter from the round bracket and place it in the catch pan. 
Install the new fuel filter into the round bracket, making sure that the arrow (which indicates direction of fuel flow) is pointing toward the front of the Ranger. Push both fuel lines into the ports until they lock, and give a gentle tug on the lines to ensure they are locked securely.
Once the cap is back on the gas tank, you can prime the filter by turning the key partially in the ignition at least three times. Then, you can start the car. 
If you hire a professional to take care of your 1991 Ford Ranger fuel pump replacement, expect to pay closer to $150 for the parts and labor.
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