What Is Tesla’s Best Midsize SUV?

Tesla’s biggest SUV is the Model X, but it’s not the most spacious or affordable midsize luxury SUV around.
Written by Mary Cahill
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Tesla currently offers two SUVs: the
Model X
, which has a crossover body style, and the
Model Y
, a compact SUV. Neither model is praised for being the roomiest SUV in the midsize segment, but Tesla’s electric SUV options are among the most desirable on the luxury market. 
Smaller SUVs have gained a ton of traction in recent years, but there will always be demand for somewhat larger family vehicles. Since it’s the modern age and all, a lot of drivers don’t love the idea of a boxy station wagon or a minivan—they want a cooler-looking car to cart their kids around town. Enter the midsize SUV. 
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Does Tesla have a midsize SUV?

Today’s drivers are focused on the future, which is why SUV aficionados are looking to Tesla, the electric vehicle (EV) king, to usher in a luxury midsize SUV that can compete with the likes of
The Model X is the biggest—and most expensive—option available from Tesla with prices starting over $120,000. The Model X offers three rows of seating (for an additional $3,500 to $6,500 upgrade) and the largest interior cargo space of any Tesla—85.1 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.
The Model Y is the only other SUV from Tesla and MotorTrend gives the 2022 Model Y a #1 ranking in its luxury compact SUV category. This popular EV boasts a mostly spacious interior, but it’s smaller than the Model X with only 68 cubic feet of rear trunk space. It’d literally be a stretch to call the Model Y a midsize SUV. 
The Model Y also offers a third-row seating option (for an additional $3,000) but neither the Y nor X offer enough third-row legroom for anyone who’s outgrown a car seat—let alone a full-grown adult for an extended drive.

What makes a midsize SUV?

The auto market is saturated with SUVs of all sorts these days, which has created some fluidity in determining the true definition of a midsize SUV.  
In its simplest terms, a midsize SUV sits between the smaller compact SUV and the larger full-size SUV. According to J.D. Power, true midsize SUVs’ measurements generally fall in this vicinity:
  • 196.5 inches in length
  • 76.6 to 77.6 inches in height
  • 78 inches in width (without mirrors)
Examples of well-known SUVs that meet the basics of this criteria are the 2023
GV80 and the 2023
Volvo XC90

Are the Tesla Model X or Model Y midsize SUVs? 

The Tesla Model X has been referred to as a midsize SUV, but it bears a sloping roof that makes its profile similar to that of a sedan. 
Let’s go over how the 2022 Tesla Model X’s dimensions compare to the general size guidelines of a midsize SUV:
  • 199.1 inches in length
  • 66.1 inches in height
  • 78.7 inches in width (without mirrors)
Here’s how the Tesla Model Y’s dimensions measure up:
  • 187 inches in length
  • 64 inches in height
  • 75.6 inches in width (without mirrors)
The Model X meets most of the marks for a midsize SUV (according to J.D. Power at least), but the Model Y falls a little short—by about 13 inches.
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Model X vs. Model Y: which is the best Tesla SUV?

Now that we’ve established how these two SUVs size up, let’s take a moment to look at how the Model X and Model Y compare

 2022 Tesla Model X

MSRP range: $122,190 to $140,190
EPA electricity range: 348 miles
Seating for: five to seven passengers
The Tesla Model X absolutely has a seat at the table for capable luxury SUVs—if not at the head of the table. Its electric range sets the standard for AWD SUVs, plus it’s got a no-nonsense towing capacity of 5,000 pounds—a bigger number than any other electric SUV out there. 
Style reigns supreme on the Model X thanks to its showstopper rear falcon-wing doors. This wingspan may seem a little impractical in a crowded parking lot, but the flashy aesthetic choice has been praised for easing accessibility to car seats.  
Power and acceleration are practically non-negotiable for the Model X. The base model rockets from zero to 60 in just 3.8 seconds and the Model 
X Plaid quickens that 0-60 acceleration time to a blistering 2.5 seconds
The futuristic, yoke-style steering wheel on the Model X is kind of weird and takes time to get used to, but the seats are very cushy with extra help from the X’s air suspension. There’s ample cargo space, especially thanks to the Model X’s frunk—and yes, that means front trunk.
Highlights include:
  • Swift and powerful acceleration
  • Bragworthy EV range
  • Quiet and comfy cabin
  • Generous interior space in first and second rows
  • Lots of storage space
  • 17-inch touchscreen
Weaknesses include:
  • Cramped third-row seating
  • Falcon-wing rear doors can be inconvenient in parking garages or crowded lots
  • Strange and finicky steering column
  • Complicated infotainment menu structure
  • No Apple CarPlay or Android Auto capability

2022 Tesla Model Y

MSRP range: $67,190 to $71,190
EPA electricity range: 330 miles
Seating for: five to seven passengers
The Tesla Model Y is offered in either Long Range or Performance versions. It doesn't have the brash styling of the Model X but offers a smooth, reasonably spacious option for those who want to designate their Tesla as a family vehicle. 
You’ll enjoy the impressive electric range of the Model Y without having to sacrifice power. Zero to 60 stats for the 2022 Model Y Long Range clock in at 4.8 seconds—the Performance model gets 3.5 seconds.
The interior of the Model Y is comfortable enough, but the faux leather upholstery gets very hot in the summer months. The glittering glass roof is no doubt a beautiful design touch, but it too contributes to an uncomfortably hot interior in the height of summer. 
Drivers love the user-friendly Google-based navigational system courtesy of an oversized infotainment screen, but many of the menu settings on this techy system have been described as being downright confusing. On the plus side, the 14-speaker stereo system’s sound quality is first-class. 
Highlights include:
  • Swift acceleration
  • Dextrous handling
  • Decent amount of cargo space
  • More affordable than the Model X
  • Great forward visibility
  • Spacious cabin 
  • Quiet cabin, especially in the Long Range model
Weaknesses include:
  • Advanced driver aids can be temperamental 
  • Third-row seating is cramped
  • No Apple CarPlay or Andriod Auto capability

2022 Tesla Model X vs. 2022 Tesla model Y comparison

2022 Tesla Model X
2022 Tesla Model Y
Starting MSRP
Seating capacity
Five to seven
Five to seven
Electric Range
348 miles
330 miles
Base electric engine specs
670 hp
384 hp, 376 lb-ft of torque
Total cargo volume
91 cubic feet (with frunk)
76.2 cubic feet (with frunk)
Maximum towing capacity
5,000 lbw
3,500 lbs
NHTSA safety rating
Five stars
Five stars
Reliability scores
8.1/10 (Edmunds)
8.1/10 (Edmunds), 78/100 (J.D. Power)

The bottom line

As a true midsize SUV, we’re going to give the Tesla Model X our vote. The biggest downside of the Model X: the huge price tag. But if you need a family vehicle and nothing but Tesla will do, the Model Y is far more affordable if you’re willing to sacrifice some space. 

Best midsize SUV competitors

So you want a Model X but financing a six-figure SUV just isn’t in the plan. Here are some viable competitors to Tesla’s top-tier SUV:
  • 2022 Audi e-tron ($67,095 starting MSRP): Audi’s midsize EV SUV has power without compromising its smooth ride.
  • 2022 Jaguar I-Pace ($71,175 starting MSRP) Classy yet modern, the I-Pace is a strong performer in the midsize EV SUV segment
  • 2023 Cadillac Lyriq ($62,990 starting MSRP): Hot off the assembly line, Lyriq is Cadillac’s brand-new EV SUV with a tech-laden, luxe interior

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